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***CLOSED*** PIF: Can You Handlebar moustache wax

I have a new tin of "Can You Handlebar Secondary" moustache wax that I am offering up as a PIF item. I already have a tin that is about 3/4 full so I don't need another one sitting around.

So if you are in search for a new wax and you would like to give this a try, here is your chance!

This PIF is open to anyone in CONUS. You can be a new member with at least 25 post or you can be someone with a post count in the 5 digits. Just be someone who has not used this before and is looking for a wax with some extra hold!

Simply post "I'm in". Posting a picture of your stache would be appreciated as well.
I will pick a winner via a random number generator.
PIF closes on 8/15 at 8PM EST.
Not in but nice pif. I just started using a beard shampoo. I didn't want to go the grooming route on the facial hair I keep but it's gotten very long. I keep a tight mustache though. Just wanted to chime in . Thanks and good luck to the winner
I'm in
i have bought quite a few waxes and use them to keep the stache out of my mouth, however; i have always struggled with wax for styling and tend to go with a natural look most often. not because i want to, but because i can't seem to get things looking right with wax. when i have waxed tips, they seem to want to corkscrew, both sides are never even. i think that i need a lot of hold if i want it to keep any kind of shape.

this picture is after half an hour of trying to get in into shape with some firehouse wax. i fiddle with it, heat and i comb it, and i use a cool hairdryer to try to set it, but the ends want to curl their own ways. i have not been able to get looser curls than this with my cans of wax, and i always end up with fliers. i have read about the "can you handlebar secondary" , and it may be a good option. if you think it would not do better than what i am using you can take me out of the running. i would love to find something that works for me, so if i won i would be happy to just try your partial can.
I don't always wax my stache. Since I mentioned a picture, here is a recent pic of my unwaxed state along with my two biggest fans.

Here is a pic from a few months ago after an almost full work day. I think I had used some Capt Fawcett, didn't go for a tight curl that day..



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I'm in! Have never used mustache wax though Ive been wanting to. Ive been joking with my wife about it. The stache is definently long enough to handlebar.
The time has come and hard decisions have to be made. Time to choose a winner! I fired up my trusty random number generator (also known as the wife). Input the proper information (choose a number 1, 2 or 3) and the answer was revealed. The winner of this PIF is.................. @Jcarrier1990 Congrats!

I will send you a PM for mailing information.
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