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Climate Change-Weaker Assam

Recent articles I read in Yahoo and the NYTimes last week stated that due to climate changes Assam tea in India is becoming much weaker. Bummer. This is my favorite goto kickme in the head daily tea.

The India Gov't is investing $20 Million to see what's up........... a good sign.

Not sure if it's mind association but I have noted within the last year my tea tasting a tad weaker or I'm using more to make that same great taste.

Like I said, could be a "don't think of a pink elephant" type thing with me.........
well from what i understand, they suspect the change is due to a 3.6 degree average temperature rise over the last decade...well the tea is grown at sea level so if its the temperature that's doing it they could just move plantations up in elevation a bit...Assam butts up against the Himalayas so they won't run out of elevation. Maybe this means that the Darjeelings and nilgiris will start getting stronger?
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