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Can anyone give me some tips for cleaning my safety razor? It seems to have developed a film on top which is causing it to drag on my skin. Any help would be appreciated.



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I use Schick injectors exclusively, so consider my comments in light of that. My routine is fairly simple.

After each shave, I rinse thoroughly in hot water, shake water out and hang to air dry.

I do notice that a soap film builds up on the surface of the razor, but I don't perceive any "drag" on my skin. I would think that a nice slick lather on the face would negate any effect of the film. And...since the film is just residual soap, I would think that hydrating that film would essentially make it soap again, no? (I will defer to chemists and experimenters on this...)

So...for me, the film is just an esthetic thing. When I need to change the blade (about monthly or so), I soak the razor in Lysol spray bathroom cleaner (my version of Scrubbing Bubbles...) for a few minutes and scrub with a soft toothbrush...and shazam! Show-room shiny! :001_cool:
I ocasionally use scrubbing bubbles WITHOUT BLEACH on my razors but my go too is hot water a minute off the boil, pour in a bowl with dawn dish soap. Let the razor soak till the water is cool enough to touch. Then scrub with a nylon brush or tooth brush. I would avoid toothpaste on vintage razors since it is an abrasive.

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I use warm water, rubbing alcohol, and then a gentle rubdown of microfiber cloth. Microfiber is a lifesaver for these things. I do it probably every other time I shave, so maybe... once every four or five days.


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Well now this is a whole new world of razor cleaning to me.

First below pic is my Post War Tech with a light polish with AutoSol, which is mildly abrasive and I didnt want to harm the frosting on the plate. I assumed those lines wouldnt come out without also removing the frosting or otherwise damaging the finish.

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I took the razor apart and only wet the cap under a tap, dusted some Barkeepers Friend onto it and rubbed it with my thumb, rinsed and did it again and below is the result.

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Thanks again to AlphaFrank75 You nailed it on this one.

As many have said, a toothbrush and dish soap or toothpaste and hot water usually works fine.

For more thorough cleaning, Barkeepers Friend. It's made a believer out of me.
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