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Recently acquired a cheap ebay find. Its in decent condition but I want to try my hand at giving it a nice clean up before I send it out for sharpening. Any basic guidance would be appreciated. I have access to common tools, a bench grinder and will buy other items as needed. Thanks for the help!


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Perhaps a more specific description of what you are trying to restore would be helpful. Often a toothbrush and some dawn are sufficient. Pics are always helpful as well. Best of luck bringing it back to its previous luster!
Here are some pictures.


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Any good metal polish will clean them up, if the tarnish is stubborn some 0000 steel wool and metal polish will remove it.

Do not get too aggressive over the etch, though it appears someone already has.

I like Maas, Flitz and Mothers. Mothers the most aggressive, Mass the highest polish. Blue paper shop towels or unbleached paper towels for final polish.

Metal polish and steel wool will also polish the scales to a high gloss.

For cleaning an eBay beater, I hose down with WD40, wrap a coffee stir stick with a paper towel to scrub between the scales, 000 steel wool if needed, to remove soap scum. Spray with Simple Green or any good degreaser and scrub with a tooth brush to remove all the WD40, blow dry with compressed air.

Then polis with metal polish.

Work on a sheet of 6mm craft foam, Wal Mart or craft store $1. You can press the blade into the foam and the edge will not cut you. I remove the edge from any razor that I work on, with a diamond file or plate, a single swipe. It is much safer and I will be honing it anyway.


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Metal polish will get off the patina, but probably not the scratches that it looks like someone left after sanding away some rust. They are just cosmetic, but if you want them gone you will need to sand them away with progressively finer sandpaper.
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