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Cleaning properties of shaving soap

As the name is shaving soap how much is it really cleaning your face? Or is it’s main job to prepare for the shave. And if shaving soap does a good job of cleaning is it that much better at that job than shave cream? I have no idea and thought I would ask others who have been at this longer than myself.
Shaving soap is "soap."
It cleans your face.
In fact, you can clean your whole body with it, if you so choose.
You can use it in the bath or shower, as many here do, especially if they are unhappy with the product's performance as a shaving base.
It's made for lathering, to facilitate shaving, so it's a specialised soap, but a soap nonetheless.

I am referring only to hard (milled) shaving soaps here. Soft concoctions, aka "croaps," perform more like a shaving cream. In fact, we should just call them all shaving creams and be done with it.

A lather (or brushless) shaving cream does not serve well as a soap substitute.
Most of them would, I believe, clean your skin, but it would be a wasteful and disappointing endeavour.

I've commissioned a few shaving soaps to bath duty, but I've never done so with a shaving cream.
Perhaps anyone who has can comment on the experience.
Shaving soap's main function is to provide lubrication so the blade glides over the skin without nicks & cuts. The right kind of oil would probably work just as well but it would be a pain to clean up afterwards. Soap washes off easily with water.

Shaving soaps are also formulated to provide a thick, long-lasting lather. This provides some good meringue-face visuals in youtube shaving videos. If you use a DE razor I suppose a good lather also provides some cushioning.
For skin no problem at all cleans softens hydrates the works.

but for your hair as a shampoo it might not work, you have to try that.
I have used many out of favour hard shaving soaps as body soap in the shower, and they all worked extremely well. I have tried a few hand or body soaps for shaving, and every one has been terrible.
Thanks for the response. I have been rotating soap and cream. I tend to like the proraso red more than the sir hare soap. This may be due to the ease of use so just wondering on the cleaning. Also got some van derhagen soap free but hate the smell.
It will never, ever be as good for cleaning your face as specialised face wash. Seriously, the difference between a purpose made face wash and moisturiser to generic all body stuff is incredible. The cost is obviously there too but I don't mind tbh. It'd be like using normal soap as a shampoo and conditioner and shampoo as a body wash. They'll work but not very well. The point of shave soap is to make slick lather. Thick and creamy or thin and watery or however you like it. You wouldn't use body wash as shave soap just because you could. imo, if you need to clean your face and you want to keep it from breaking out, scarring etc. Then buy purpose built product. Even cheap face washes and moisturisers will do better than expensive shave soap.
The ones that I think are really good at cleansing are also a bit drying. MdC and LPL comes to mind.

I prefer moisturizing though, that's why I lean towards many artisanal brands the focuses on skin food.
Shaving soap has ingredients which will promote a dense lather, whereas most body soap is formulated for a lighter, bubbly foam which rinses better. They'll both work in a pinch but really made for specific purposes.
Shaving == higher stearic acid content for more bubbles. The posts above are correct: you can use shaving soap/cream for showering or normal, bar soap for shaving, but you will probably not like the results. TBH the only situtation in which I used shaving cosmetics for body cleaning was when I forgot to purchase the cheaper stuff.
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