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Chicken Thighs, Italian Sausage, and Winter Veggies.

This is a stupid simple cook that tastes really, really, really, good. In fact I am betting if you paid for it in a fancy restaurant, you would feel it worth the money. I normally cook this on my Big Green Egg, but tonight I cooked it on my Webber. Turns out great what ever grill you cook it on.

The Cook: Add to a castiron pan (I used an enameled Lodge brasier with a lid)
Put a table spoon of good olive oil in your pan. Toss in some rough cut multicolor fingerling potatoes, chop some celery, and a Spanish onion cut into quarters. To that add some baby carrots, some whole shiitaki golden oak mushrooms, and some mild or sweet ground sausage pressed into a ball. For spices add some minced garlic, oregano, and thyme, along with sea salt and cracked pepper. Add one cup of good chicken broth (I like the stuff from bones) and 1 cup of Marsala wine. Put your pan on the grill covered at medium heat. Along side the pan toss some boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Just mark the thighs well and then toss them it the pan submerging them in the liquid. You will need to add more broth and Marsala as it reduces during the cook. You want the potatoes to come out butter smooth, and the chicken and meat balls at an internal temperature of at least 165. 40 min at moderate heat should do it. I didn't happen to have any, but a little chopped flat leaf parsley to garnish at the end, really sets the dish off as far as presentation goes.



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