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Changing your frag based on what you are wearing

Tomorrow is jean day and I was thinking maybe I would wear a more casual frag. Do you change what frag you wear when you are dressed down?
Usually I do. If it's a casual day or a work day, my scent is usually whatever aftershave I chose that morning. If it's a more formal occasion, it's usually a scent that SWMBO got for me. I usually don't care for them (Playboy London, BBW's take on Drakkar Noir, ect), but since she almost always is with me for such occasions, that's more important. I just wish we could get on the same page with our scent preferences...:crying:
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My fragrances change pending on what I'm wearing day to day if I'm honest. If the outfit is a bit darker in colour, the darker (or richer, so to speak) the cologne. Vice versa if the outfit is a bit brighter.
When I'm going to man up and do "manly work" like chopping stuff down, or work on the car, or anything that is going to get me dirty/sweaty I usually like Stetson, oddly enough. Probably due to the Venture Bros and the fact that it's Brock Sampson's cologne of choice, but still.

Climbed on the roof with my leaf blower to blow out the gutters and clean the roof levels? Stetson, baby.
I change my fragrance for a more formal occasion moreso than I "dress down" with my fragrance choice.

I have a couple 'everyday' scents but on special occasions or a night on the town there are a couple that I will wear when I get dressed up.


Unacceptably Lasering Chicken Giblets?
That was my plan when I started the DE venture. Didnt take long before I changed the plan. What is your set up now?

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I always rub on unrefined shea butter before heading out.
I change my fragrance for a more formal occasion moreso than I "dress down" with my fragrance choice.

This. I typically wear whatever I want whenever but if the occasion is more formal, I'm a bit more selective in my fragrance choice. Yesterday I wore Clive Christian to watch the Superbowl, for example. Jeans and a ratty old collared t-shirt with holes in it and a perfume that costs more than my TV.
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