Change in seasons and change in beard length

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    Wondering how many of you with full beards increase the length as the temperature drops and conversely, trim back your beard as the temps increase. Most of the time, I keep my full beard at the same length -- regardless of the temps. However this year, I've decided to add some bulk and length. Won't be adding as much at it's maximum length from a few years ago. Here's a pic at it's longest length...
    Brd BB2 (2).jpg

    And this is the length I keep it at now...
    Brd bib.jpg
    New length will be somewhere in between.
  1. I tend to start a goatee on Sep 1st. I then go to the full beard starting Nov 1st. I usually shave everything off mid-March. My head is shaved all year round.
  2. for a long time now i've kept my beard at the 1.5"mm guard from the trimmer. But i do let it go during the winter months to what equals the #3 guard.
  3. Mine is the same length year round. Every Sunday evening I trim it to 4mm.
  4. troy

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    I usually let it go in the winter and trim up in the spring and summer. This year I didn't trim it back too much. I've done a couple small trims in the last year, but currently have 7 inches hanging below my chin 9 if I pull the curl out of it. Not sure how long I'll let it get, but have been thinking of trimming it back a little. Starting to get in the way and looks a little wispy if I'm wearing a light colored shirt.
  5. So the full beard must be starting to fill in now that we are four days into November. I used to wonder why a bearded guy would say he grew it because he hated shaving and yet shaved his head. My guess is it's more about the look rather than really hating to shave, not saying that's your situation. Just an observation...
  6. I started shaving my head about 15 years ago, if I remember correctly. It was more to avoid the "old man" ring of hair. I have considered growing it back but my girlfriend prefers my head shaved and to tell you the truth, it actually feels odd when I go even a week without shaving my head. Oh, and since I started shaving with a safety razor, I rather enjoy shaving so I don't want to go a complete season without using my razor.
  7. If your GF prefers it, all the more reason to continue. I completely agree with your comment regarding shaving. When I started using a straight razor, I absolutely loved shaving. Still do, but at this point, I really like having a full beard. If that ever changes, it's back to straight razor shaving for me.
  8. I've never changed it due to weather. I haven't notice it making my face hotter in summer, and in winter I notice it indirectly by wishing my nose had some coverage as well as my cheeks and throat :)
  9. Nor have I. However, quite certain I would notice a huge difference, at least to begin with, if I didn't have my full beard in the winter.
  10. When I got rid of my full beard, down to a moustache, my mom looked at me several times throughout the day. Finally she asks, "Did you get a haircut?"

    This was about a 4 year growth with moustache trims only :)
  11. Wow!! It must have been a beast -- 4 years worth of growth... dang! You've got to bring that bad boy back! :)
  12. I usually trim my beard with scissors -- anything along my check that sticks out between two fingers gets trimmed. It's a little longer in my chin. Come December, I usually stop trimming for a couple months or more. But when it starts to warm up little the scissors come back out. We had a hot enough summer last year I considered trying a goatee. In the end, I got control of myself and saved the beard.
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    I hadn't trimmed my beard in over a year (apart from cleaning up the ends), so it was pretty long over the summer. It didn't really bother me in the heat. I had two trims this fall that took quite a bit off. I guess it's probably 3-4 inches long now. The only thing I notice is that I feel the cold on that space right above my shirt collar that might have been covered up before. I'm going against the trend of the seasons--I've been more interested in getting my beard to a manageable length.
  14. The beard definitely keeps you warmer in the winter for sure.
  15. I think it traps/wicks moisture in summer that normally drips off and helps cool actually, now that I think about it. That's my story at least :)
  16. troy

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    I used to know a guy who that same thing. I never really noticed a cooling effect, but never really thought it made me hotter either. That is until the end of this last summer. It was the first time my beard was long enough to cover my neck and lay on my chest in the warmer months. If I still have this much length next summer I may tie it up or put it in a braid on the hottest days.
  17. That length probably would make me hotter. Like having a nice little blanket on your chest.
  18. Well, with the beginning of spring, I'm back to the goatee.


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