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Cerrus - German blades

A friend picked these up for me as a gift from Germany. But I've yet to read a review or see a discussion here. Anybody with experience or knowledge of them?

Will report my thoughts after a shave tomorrow...

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Here's the blade. Same on both sides. No numbers.

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Ironically, just this morning, I stumbled into these as well in a market shop down the street. Another German blade, and certainly something never would have expected to find a box of in Laos! Never seen reviews of these either. All script in German. Less than a dollar for a box of 10. Have no idea as to their quality yet, but can't be too bad if from Germany, eh? (not to say I care much for Merkurs however). Script on the blade reads 'ROSTFREI'

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The Croma blade is made by Feintechnik Eisfeld and used to be the GDR brand. Back in the day, Croma blades were exported to several socialist brother countries, among them Vietnam, so Laos doen't seem that far off the mark.

Edit: The Cerrus blades are indeed made by Feintechnik.
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