Cella went funky - what should I try next?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by GarageBoy, Jul 11, 2019.

    Fancy soaps last me a looong time (mainly because I end up using a cheaper product instead) - well that back fired on me and my Cella went bad (all yellow and greasy feeling from being stored too close to the radiator)

    What other classic soap should I try next - maybe in the same category, but with better longevity ? I love my Pre de Provence and DR Harris, but I kinda treat them as "special occasions/weekend soaps"
  1. Well, if you planning on storing next to the radiator, I would suggest glycerin based soaps. They handle melting better than other soaps :)

    Col Conk, VDH deluxe or luxury all can be softened and reharden fine.

    Williams lasts very well.
  2. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Tabac, MWF, Speick.
  3. via Barberia 2Fructi, Stirling, Razorock, Tabac but they also don't like radiators...
  4. My answer for everything, thanks to @mio_cuggino , is Arko. Indestructible, and smells glorious.
  5. naughtilus

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    Arko next to a radiator... the tiles will fall off.
  6. Mmmmm.... Quite possibly...
  7. Glad to have been of assistance. Let me know if you need more.
  8. sarimento1

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    Sir GarageBoy, sad you have a problem with your Cella stored in a hot environment.
    My suggestion is to get a replacement Cella and keep it in a cool, dark storage location.
    It's a great shave soap, if kept in normal, cool storage location.

    cella brick penhaligon schulze tuesday truefitt hill 1805 november 25 2015.jpg
  9. You are too kind.
  10. Proraso is the obvious answer
  11. Why not just get another Cella and store it in a better spot? Otherwise I say the need always needs at least one Italian soap!

    If you’re wanting another inexpensive classic though, try Tabac, Williams (modern is still really good with practice), or La Toja.
  12. I don't have a better line than what soaps store best beside a radiator lol
  13. Ha, I don't plan on keeping soaps next to a radiator anymore (I left this puck at my dad's apartment not knowing it gets up to 90 degrees in the winter [NYC apartment buildings...] )- was just looking into soaps that I can forget about and still be good later on
  14. ...heads off to check the Cella I bought 18 mos ago...
    (5 min later)
    its discolored, and the scent is a bit off, also feels a bit off...scent is more plasticy...took me almost 10 months to use up the one I bought with it, thought I would go through it quickly as I went on a one soap "quest"; so after that I switched to my Proraso white tub for a change, and now we are back in summer I am on a menthol kick...glad I checked this, looks like it may need to go into the bin.
  15. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Definitely that's not Cella. You want your tub kept at cool dry place and used within 2 years.
  16. Stick it in the deep freeze! Ask @martym. He does it with some soap...
  17. Post of the day!! :a29::a29::a29:
  18. Of all the soaps I've tried, Cella is the only one to have gone "off", without even involving a radiator. Twice over the last decade I've replaced it due to product "rot" long before the tub was finished. Cella seems to get bad faser even than creams (which can be re-hydrated I've found). I enjoy it (Cella) very much, and just mentally double the price in my mind when I buy a new red tub .. in the alternative, I'd suggest Valobra, or the classic Tabac as others have already mentioned.
  19. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    I know we consider it a croap but it's sold as a shaving cream (crema da barba) by Nicky Chini. The kilo block is labeled as a soft soap (crema sapone).

    I think if we treat it as a cream (scoop, not load in container) it will last longer.

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