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Caswell-Massey 1752

Let me start with two facts. I ain't no lathermeister, and I ain't no photographer. So no laughing! I picked up a tub of Caswell-Massey Almond scented 1752 shaving cream for $7 bucks at Tuesday Morning. I hadn't heard any good comments about it, so I had to see for myself. Tonight was my second "lathering" with it. I have to admit, round one was more successful, but I think you will see that it still does a decent job.

Tonights Accessories:

The suspect jar topless:

One Almond sized dollop of Almond:

Getting going (ME thinks I left the brush too wet!)

20 swirls:

2 minutes...better go for 3:

At 3 minutes of "whipping" and applied to the arm:

5 minutes on the arm and still hanging in:

10 minutes on the arm, and it's getting a bit "weepy":

And a light squeeze of the brush after 12 minutes:

So, my overall experience has been a good one. Tonight's lather was a bit on the "wet" side, but still very comfortable.

Is it a bargain? Hard to say. Need a few more uses, but for now, it was a cheap investment and I like it!

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Randy, it sure looks good in those pictures. That price is amazing, but I don't know if we in Montreal can get it so cheap.

Nice pics...
Much better results with almond from them, than I had. I did, however have good results with the verbena scented version.
for 7 bucks you did awesome.
John P.
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