Can Enders Speed Razor Shave ?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Bikerbuzz0408, Apr 19, 2015.

    Frankly I didn't know, I knew very little about the Enders Speed Razor other than they had a very cool modern design, I could pick one up realively cheep, later I found out that they needed a funky proprietary blade and there was almost no availability. I'm stubborn so I waited and scored a pack of NOS enders blades in an unopened box, when I did manage to open the blade tuck I found the blades in mint condition, So for Single Edge Sunday I decided to use this strange little razor.

    I did my usual preshave with Somersets Oil and I added a thin layer of C.O.Bigelow, The soap was Chelsea's with sage, basil mint and aloe, this soap also comes with French Clay for improved glide. I used my trusted Ever-Ready 100 and I went at it. AS by Proraso.

    The first pass started poorly with significant tugging, I stopped for a moment and said to myself " Are you kidding " I pressed on, halfway through the left cheek the blade started to do better and better, by the time I finished the left side it was like another razor, maybe I was dialing in the slant better who knows but now it was really doing well, so I finished WTG took a deep breath and started ATG again I started getting a little tugging I switched quickly to XTG and that turned out much better, at the end of the second pass I checked the face noticed two small misses and one small weeper, I did a little hand lathering and touch up and done.

    You know the shave turned out better than expected, I would give it like a 8.6, didn't give me any face burn even though the shaving started a little harsh, don't know if anybody has any ideas about honing or stropping the blade, I have decided to shave out the blade and ad a follow up If anyone is interested. Thanks.

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    It kind of sounds like you stropped the blade using your face. It's sort of like hand stropping a blade. And I've used modern blades that started off feeling a bit rough that was better after a few more passes or even the next day.

    Wish there were a way to fit a modern blade in an Enders - they such interesting looking razors.

  2. :w00t: LMAO you are absolutely right, face stropping, Well it beats modifying the head on my Laurel Dumb-Bell Razor but at least I can drop any standard DE blade in it now. Thanks for the laughs I could really use it this morning.

  3. Thanks for the review. I own dozens of razors that I’ve tried but these Enders are relegated to view only status in my collection. I can’t count the number of times I’ve look that that razor and tried to devise ways to get a SE blade to work. Glad to see someone give it a go with vintage blades. In regards to stropping there are a number of vintage SE stroppers out there like the cool Keen Kutter but I don’t know about fit as I don’t have any vintage blades.
  4. They fit in the Kriss Kross Stropper.
  5. Calabash used the following technique to get an injector blade to work:

    I did get a Enders Speed that is in like new condition, I also really like the overall design and visual appeal of the Enders.

    And like most tried to shave with the proprietary razor blades....and well they are not up to par with the quality we expect for a decent shave.
    So I tried to do a hone by hand using the hone and strop from my Rolls razor...better but still not so good.

    So measuring the width of the blade and it is very very close to the width of an injector blade so...
    During the manufacturing of the injector blades that I have...the Chinese Schicks... have a small edge material on each side of the blade when they are cut during operations.

    1. I did modify the injector blade very carefully by taking a small file and filing off a little off of each side.
    2. Taking the Enders blade out of the razor, I slide the injector blade in all the way to the come guard.
    3. If the injector blade does not fit flat, you will have to remove a little more material from the sides.
    4. Once the injector blade is all the way forward, and flat and square with the comb, I just put the original Enders blade in over the injector blade, and snap into place...this will hold the Injector blade.
    5. Of course the sharp edge of both blades are now on top of each other, and that did work, but not perfect.
    6. So I have modified an Enders blade by grinding off the sharp edge away, about 1/16 of an inch so that the enders blade does not interfere with the Injector, and now basically a clip and not a blade.

    It works well for me since the Chick blade is so sharp the razor now shaves well, the only drawback is that I have to take both blades out to clean and dry after each shave. Not a big deal since I use the razor in rotation about once a week.

    The good...No modifications to the razor, just to a old blade.

    The have to be extremely careful modifying the blades, the Injector blades are so small and sharp (hard to handle loose) so I used pilers to hold the blade while filing the ends.
    And a small vice to hold the Enders blade and file the sharp edge away.

    The shaves...Very good keeping the head almost flat to the face as most SE's, love the curve shape in the handle.
  6. ChicagoDan I have a minty fresh NOS Enders blade with your name on it, if you are interested PM me and I'll get it out to you.
  7. Thank you kindly Sir I happen to have a Kriss Kross Stropper.
  8. Thats a hell of detailed description and although it seems to be a lot of work, not to mention many opportunities to get cut and bloodied, I think I like it, Yes I see myself doing it, I have the tools, I'll make the time and I would really like to have a modern blade shave come out of the Enders Speed Razor, you guys taught me how to modify new SE blades so I could use my Valet Auto Stropper so why not.

    Thanks Poppi
  9. Great razor the Enders Speed, love the curved art deco design, and shaves well with the mods mentioned needed to use an injector blade.
    Also an injector blade will work with a Rhodes Kriss Kross, and the Christy razor...adds new life to good old classics.
    Blade alignment in all three is required....have fun!
  10. Glad to here from the Mod creator himself, I haven't given up on the old Enders NOS Speed Razor blades just yet but, I definitely feel that the injector blade modifications are worth the effort, Thank you for taking the time and trouble In figuring out the required mods. I have been looking at the old Christy razor and now I can pick one up with less hesitation.... One soon to be old classic adding new life to some really good vintage razors... With all the help you guys have given me... I'm just having a great time with it......
  11. The Christy does shave quite well using an injector blade, and no modifications required....give one a try if you can.
    A further note on the modified Enders, it is important to remove and clean/dry the blades after each use.
    The OEM blades are Carbon Steel and should keep dry, and a little coat of petroleum jelly always helps avoid corrosion.
    And the issue of contact with dissimilar metals can cause problems over time.

    Yes :thumbup1: have fun, and enjoy the good shaves....
  12. Very interesting posts indeed. I have 4 of these Enders Speed razors and the last one I received is brand new, with a brand new blade in the razor as well as brand new blades in the original packaging.

    One of the other razors came with generic blades which all were ruined with rust along the edges, and I followed the modification route as described by Bikerbuzz. I have genuine Schick Injector blades and they do not need any modification and slips right through to the comb of the razor. I removed the edge of one of the old Enders blades, but I found that it did not really keep the injector blade securely - it was rather loose and I could move it with my fingertip. So I put a 2nd Enders blade on top of the other one and that kept the injector blade secure.

    So, I took both into the shower and shaved half of my face with the modified injector blade one, and the other half with the proper Enders blade. Both blades were brand new. The result? The Enders blade did a far better job and really gave me a super close and irritation free shave. The injector one just could not give the same smoothness and it was a bit harsh on my skin.

    But it's good to know that one can make a plan with these razors, because the day will come when the proprietary blades will just not be available any longer.

    Another thing I like about these razors, is the simplicity. Nothing to open and close and the blade just clips in - absolutely fool-proof. And a HUGE gap between blade and body, ensuring no beard or shaving cream build-up.

    I would easily make this my preferred razor if blades were not a problem.

  13. World class shave today with the Enders Speed/Proline. Dial-in of exposure is a trial and error affair due to the lack of blade stops but once you get the sweet spot it's superb.

    The length of the Proline is just right, requires no trim, and is perfectly secured with the stock, edge removed Enders blade on top.

  14. jmudrick. I picked up the same razor a while back and have been waiting to give it a go. Got my eye on a listing of some blades on ebay. About a buck a blade is pushing it. Has anyone tried stropping the blades to make them last longer?
  15. All you need is one single blade and it will last you the rest of your life with no stropping.

    What's the trick? File off about a millimetre of the sharp edge and use the original blade as a holder for an injector blade as @jmudrick stated.

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