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Camacho Triple Maduro - Nothing Compares

I have to say this is my all-time favorite cigar, and one of the reasons I can make such a strong statement is that there is not another that is anything like it. Last I knew, it was the only cigar marketed using Maduro for not only the wrapper, but also the binder AND the filler.

This stogie is one of the most perfectly-crafted cigars available, with a consistently perfect draw and burn. It is SLOW - the Rothschilds I buy can go for an hour or more, and they hardly ever go out with neglect.

As would be expected with all that super-dark Maduro, the first puff is HUGE, almost over-powering. And the ensuing draws are quite hot, but then, after you've burned off 5 or 10 mm, the smoke abruptly mellows into a big round, rich, creamy mouthful of cocoa and nuts, and the burn is even and slow. This is an after-dinner cigar, and it is not cheap but it's more satisfying for me than a number of Cubans that cost me much more.

I keep a few of these around. Not something I would smoke everyday but when I am in the mood nothing quite compares. Very bold and rich. I get these on Cigar Monster 10 for $39.
The label and box have changed, however they kept the same blend for this smoke thank goodness. Camacho did re-blend a bunch of their vitolas but they left the triple maduro be.
That's interesting, I have always found them to be extremely one sided. Only a single, strong, bitter note (a very burnt, acidic coffee to me). Not that I always want a super complex smoke, but something a bit more, especially when a maduro cigar can be strong, and complex with many heavy flavors.

To each their own though! I know tons of peoples who like no other maduro cigar.
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