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Buying Targets for the Shooting Range

I'm sure there are some guys here that enjoy going to the range to shoot targets. My question is do you purchase your targets at the range, or online somewhere? If online please share.

Most ranges have inexpensive targets. I would try cheaper than dirt and sportsman guide on line. Wal Mart, Cabelas, or Bass Pro Shops also have good selections.
I usually get the Shoot-N-See ones from Wal-mart for ourdoors, and then if I go to the indoor range I'll buy one large silhouette from the range and then stick my Shoot-N-See targets to it.

EDIT:eek:h yah, paper plates work perfectly if your trying to save some cash
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Buy a package of red/colored dots, and a ream of cheap copy paper at the office supply store.

That's what I do, dirt cheap and gets the job done.

If you want to be fancy, you can add a circle with a shapie and a and a bowl or plate for a pattern.
I picked up 100 NRA targets at midway a while back.


Other than that I generally puck up a pack at the local gun show when I need them.

My favorite targets come from the dollar store on the way to the range. I generally pick up a bag of suckers on a stick. not dum-dums, but the ones that are about 1" round and kind of flat. They explode when hit and no cleanup is necessary since they are just sugar.
I have no choice but to purchase targets before going to the range. Or, you can print them out from online sources.
Here you go...


They have a lot of different ones. One drawback is that you are buying in bulk. Most ranges have one standard size target. It's almost impossible to see a 100 yard bull on a 200 yard range. Alco had the answer for me in their selection.

For pistol shooting at 5-25 yds, I buy the small (6-7"?) cheap paper plates at the grocery store, then staple about 6 of them to the cardboard man-sized silhouettes provided at the range. they work really well for that purpose---for practical pistol shooting, there really isn't a need for any 'bull's eye' more precise than the paper plates.
if you just want "standard" round targets theyre pretty cheap at the range, but if you want silhouettes or the shoot-n-see type id buy them elsewhere and bring them with.
If you're going to buy 'em,,, do it right...


I like "Zombie Bob"....

otherwise,,, put tape or marker on a piece of paper or cardboard or a pizza box.... If you're testing a new rifle/handload/scope at longer ranges,, remember to put a large piece of newspaper behind the target so you can see what happens if you're "off paper"....

This happens a lot with my Mausers.... Without the newspaper backing covering a larger area that my printer paper,,, I wouldn't know that my handloads just shot a 2" open-sight group at 100 yards,,, because some of those surplus rifles hit 12" above point-of-aim on the lowest sight setting at that range....

If you're looking for save reactive fun,,, shoot at chunks of cinder block...... Or "Tannerite"...!!!! http://www.tannerite.com/
I picked up a bunch of targets at various gun shows awhile back. One thing I do at the pistol range involves being very frugal. I take old manilla folders from work and cut them into quarters. I then take a dab of shoe polish and put a dot in the middle. Very effective. If you don't have access to manilla folders, paper plates work well, too.
You could just print out a bunch of these:


Disclaimer: I am not endorsing violence against elected officials or any human being, only a round symbol printed on paper.
At my club, we save the used .22 targets for re-use with larger caliber (we have pretty strict paper recycling laws here). Some of my favorites are free. Look here: http://www.mytargets.com/ and here: http://www.tnoutdoorsmen.com/targets.htm
If you want to sharpen your technique, shoot the diagnostic target: http://www.pistolnz.org.nz/pdf/gripan1.pdf
For patterning your shotgun and practicing, these, while not free, are good and inexpensive: http://www.hugetarget.com/

+1 for printing your own. mytargets.com has everything from novelty targets to precision sight-in targets, and you print them yourself...
I like shooting cans of soda. This is only acceptable outdoors, of course. The best reactive targets so far, for me. I also use paper plates and the sticky targets from Wal-Mart.
Various online places, some of which already mentioned.

Other ideas? Paper plates and if desired a magic marker make great targets. Standard paper targets are also relatively cheap at walmart and such.

How to hold them up? Staple? Tape. Nay. Head to the appropriate isle of walmart of auto parts store and get a can of spray adhesive, little more expensive then a role of tape but no more flying off or flapping about targets.

Reactive targets you ask? Just about any past it's prime fruit, vegetable, or egg makes an awesome reactive target to enjoy. Also clay pigeons are great fun even if not shooting a shotgun, just prob them up and have at them.
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