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    I found the following at my local Burlington:

    Red Proraso Shaving Foam -- huge can on clearance for $2.99. I bought both cans. I haven't used shaving foam in a long time, but I figure for the price, I can give it to my brother if I hate it.

    Red Proraso Shaving Cream (tube) -- 3 tubes, but I only grabbed one. I have one full tube at home, and just ordered one from an online vendor, so I didn't really need any to begin with.

    Green Proraso Shaving Foam
    Green Proraso Shaving Cream (tube)
    Blue Proraso Shaving Cream (tube)
    I didn't grab any of these, but I was impressed with the selection.

    They had a couple AOS Chelsea Razors on the shelf. I didn't check the price, though.

    12x and 10x suction cup mirrors for $1.99 -- LOTS of them. I grabbed one - figuring it couldn't hurt to have one.

    They also had Kenneth Cole Black gift sets available for either $19.99 for the smaller set or $34.99 for the bigger set. I decided against getting these, even though I like the scent, I have 2 small bottles at home already. I was hoping to find the Kenneth Cole Vintage Black, but no joy.

    A few days before that, I went into TJ Maxx and found...

    Proraso Styptic Gel for $3.00

    Duke Cannon Bourbon Soap for $4.00

    Some other really nice smelling soaps for $3 or $4 were available also. I grabbed the last two of the Castelbel Porto Men's Teakwood & Cardamom Triple Milled Soaps for only $3

    The last Real Shaving Brush Gift Set - this one was like $6.00 - but it came with a nice enamelware mug, white speckled with a mustache on it. Good mug for storing a few daily use razors. The brush isn't anything to write home about, and I haven't tried the shaving cream. I mainly bought it for the mug.

    Again, I was hoping to find Kenneth Cole Vintage Black cologne. I did find a 'body spray' which is okay, but not quite the same.

    So, a pretty good haul. I also picked up a few things that aren't shaving related, but were things I can use, and were good deals.
  1. Thanks for the info.
    It is always nice to not have to order shaving items.
  2. Wow Josh, it looks like you hit the motherload! Congrats on all your good scores!
  3. Me and the wife went to a couple of Burlington stores to see if I could find any scores. First stop found a Merkur 34C for 15 bucks and I picked up a tube of Proraso shave cream. We hit the other one to see if they had anything different. I found another 34C on their clearance rack for only 8 bucks. I couldn't pass that up at that price. 20190810_192708.jpg
  4. Dont forget Marshalls, same company as TJ Maxx just a different name. Have never seen any merkur razors but I have a substantial collection of proraso white/green (including preshaves and aftershaves).
  5. I was at Burlington this week and they had about three tubes each of red, white, blue, and green. I had two of the blues in my little grubbies but came to my senses after I reminded myself I have in a box under my bed twelve tubes of Proraso of various colors, a bunch of Williams, a couple pucks of Tabac, and shave sticks made by Palmolive, Wilkinson, and Speik. Not mention all my half used creams and soaps in my shave den. I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE CREAMS AND SOAPS! So I walked out leaving all the Prorasos at Burlington, proud that my willpower overcame my urge to buy more.

    Then this morning I purchased a kilo of Cella online. The rabbit hole is a real sickness.
  6. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    I've been to a couple TJ Maxx's and have never seen anything remotely interesting like this. Lots of cordless trimmers and cartridge razors.
  7. Darn.
    I thought $30 at Burlington for the Merkur was good.
  8. Yeah, I went to TJ Maxx and didnt see anything. There was 1 Pomade which I bought but no soap or razors.

    $8 for the Merkur is awesome.

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