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FS Brushes and Razors: Charcoal Goods, PAA, Rudy Vey, Whipped Dog, H&S, Flexi, Hammer, Injectors, Wunderbar and More!

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As I downsize for an impending nomadic lifestyle, I am needing to liquidate more stuff! Bummer for me. Good for you!

Prices are shipped, conus, PP G&S. If you are international, send me a PM and I will see if we can work out shipping. Let me know if you need more pics, or have questions. Bundling more stuff gets good discounts! Hit me up!

1) Charcoal Goods Gen 1 Level 3 Brass with Arrow Handle - $325. Good Patina. Will polish up very well if you desire to put in the elbow grease. I like the patina look on my brass. Amazing razor! I have 4 old CG razors, and cant keep them all. Note that the cardboard "coaster" case insert has a little damaged spot. Doesnt effect the operation of the razor, the case, or the coaster!

2) H&S N075 Mixed Metal razor with High Polished Handle - $125 - Amazing razor that is super smooth and mild, yet surprisingly efficient. Comes with the cool case and the original polishing cloth. Satin stainless top cap. Black aluminum bass plate. High polish stainless handle. Note that the handle that original comes with the mixed metal N075 is very plain. This is a much more expensive and luxurious handle.

3) Razorock Wunderbar with Barberpole Handle - $100 - This is a great original run Wunderbar Slant, before they started marking them on the bottom of the baseplate. Great shaving razor.

4) Pearl Flexi SB Adjustable - $45 - Great all brass adjustable razor! But I have the OC, which is more aggressive, and I like that! Original box, cloth and paperwork. Got this one from Maggards. Not the original version that had issues. This one shaves great. Zero alignment issues.

5) Pearl Hammer - $35 - This is a cool all brass 3 piece Pearl razor with a SB and OC plate included. Very efficient, yet smooth. Bought this because the Flexi SB left me wanting a more aggressive shave (see above). This one delivers that. But now that the Pearl Flexi OC is here, I dont need this one any more.

6) Rotbart Mond Extra RFB - $70 - Smooth shaving cousin of the famous Gillette RFB razors. Very cool piece. The only reason this is for sale, is that I have another one. This one has a tiny little tweak on one of the end comb teeth. Barely noticeable. Doesn't affect the shave at all.

7) Two injectors - $30 for both - (a) Eveready Hydro Magic with black handle. (b) Schick Easy Rider with yellow handle.

8) Rudy Vey STF 23 mm with Blue handle - $100 - This is a beautiful brush. I got it at the last St Sue auction. The loft of this knot is quite a bit shorter than my off-the-shelf Muhle 23 mm STF. I asked Rudy about this, and he said that is the way the knots come from Muhle. Regardless, this brush lathers and splays like a champ. Its just that I like bigger brushes. So its time to find this one a new home.

9) Whipped Dog 24 mm Synthetic - $30 - This is a great brush that punches well above its weight class! The black handle has a slight white marbling. Classy. The knot is perfection. But I like bigger brushes.

10) Badger & Blade Limited Edition Boar Brush in Salmon - $20 - hardly broken in. I know people look for these.

11) Plisson L'Ocitane Synth - $10 with another item. (to defray shipping costs) - great knot! Small chip at the base of the handle. You can see it in the photo if you look closely.

12) PAA Starcraft Brush - 24 mm Roswell knot - $10 with another item. (to defray shipping costs)

13) PAA Atomic Rocket Brush - 26 mm - $10 with another item. (to defray shipping costs) - My ultimate favorite low cost synth! But I have two of these!

Thanks for looking. Pics to follow...
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Dances with Wolfs
Charcoal Goods Gen 1 Level 3

2023-08-25 12.41.06.jpg

2023-08-25 12.41.51.jpg

H&S N075

2023-08-25 12.39.47.jpg

2023-08-25 12.40.25.jpg

2023-08-25 12.39.24.jpg

Peal Hammer SB and OC 3 piece razor:

2023-08-25 12.52.37.jpg

2023-08-25 12.53.03.jpg

Pearl Flexi SB

2023-08-25 12.52.22.jpg


Dances with Wolfs
Rudy Vey 23 mm STF

2023-08-25 12.35.36.jpg

2023-08-25 12.35.46.jpg

Left to Right: Whipped Dog 24 mm, B&B Limited Edition Boar, Plisson

2023-08-25 12.35.17.jpg

Starcraft (left), Atomic Rocket (right)

2023-08-25 12.34.25.jpg


Dances with Wolfs
Let’s lower some prices and see if we can find some new homes for these guys!

Rudy Vey 23mm STF - $75
Wunderbar $75
Rotbart RFB. $50
Pearl Hammer $30
Two injectors $25
Whipped dog brush $25
The two PAA brushes can’t get lower than $10 each …. Shipped with another item. Or buy both brushes for $20 shipped. :)

Thanks !


Dances with Wolfs
I hit the road Sunday for a couple of weeks. So this sale will close when I leave. Let’s see if we can get some of these items to a new home.

Rudy Vey custom 23mm STF - $65
Razorock Wunderbar $60
Rotbart RFB. $45
Two injectors $20
Whipped dog brush $20
PAA Starcraft and Atomic Rocket brushes - both for $18 shipped.


Dances with Wolfs
Alrighty. Time to pull the plug. Hitting the road at the crack of dawn tomorrow. If anyone wants anything that is left, we can make a deal when I get back. Hit me up on 9/16 or later. I will post more stuff for sale at that time as well. Thanks all!
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