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Brush Restoration PIF

I'm in! I have yet to restore a brush and feel that I'm up to the challenge.

Great idea, I've been taunting myself with buying a TGN knot and doing some brush restores, this may be just what I need.


Wow... 13 people with their name in. I'm happy with the interest.

One thing I didn't specify was a cutoff time so I'm going to set the time at noon CDT. I'll add that to the original post but add a note down here so it doesn't get missed. I will try and get them out the next day in the mail if I get everybody's information.


Oh please oh please oh please pick me!

Ok.... I have the winners.

1. cpacamper
2. PatrickA51
3. odioanonimo

That is the order you will pick in. Post your pick and then PM me your address and I will get them out to you guys as soon as I can.


Mike H

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Excellent PIF InNea. Good luck to the winners, I am looking forward to progress pictures.
Excellent PIF InNea. Good luck to the winners, I am looking forward to progress pictures.
Thank you for posting. The link about cleaning a shaving brush is very helpful. I usually clean my brush that I use with unscented shampoo or Jason's Tea Tree Hand soap.
I never thought about cleaning my Brushes with White Vinegar.

I would like the House of Fuller handle I think. What size knot would fit in there?
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1. cpacamper - 3 Blue top cream bottom House of Fuller
2. PatrickA51 - 2 Cream top red bottom is an Ever Ready C40
3. odioanonimo - 1 Red top creamish bottom is an Ever Ready 100

Are the choices that have been made. I have the addresses and will be mailing out the brushes today.

Congrats guys and please post progress pictures.
I'm in.

Just kidding, but what kind of a PIF would this be if someone didn't post "I'm in" right after the PIF has ended. So I figured it might as well be me.

Really great idea for a PIF InNae. I like it.

Congrats to all of the winners, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished brushes.
The brushes should be arriving today. If you don't get them guys, let me know and I'll send you the tracking info.

I got my Brush in today's Snail Mail aka U.S. Postal Service.
No pitures as of yet it's soaking to soften up the knot for removal !
Here it is:
$20150330_194144.jpg $20150330_194156.jpg
Clearly measures 22mm at the most narrow diameter (see below), but the diameter is not even all around and is wider in spots. I'm thinking of widening the hole to accept a 22mm TGN synthetic knot. The handle is hollow and very light, so I might fill with some epoxy and add a washer or two in the handle to add weight. Any thoughts on my plan so far?