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Brush help needed!

Hi all, im very new to this and am lookig to buy my first decent brush, atm i use a men u barbire brush shih retails for about a tenner and is pure badger, its bery easy to use cor either face of bowl later and nice soft bristles, i like the feel of it, ive just bought a cyril salter pure brush which has a smaller knot and longer harder bristles, it seemed pretty difficult to face lather.
I really fancy a simpsons and not sure whether to go for a duke, chubby, colonel or commodore,

I mainly bowl lather with the occasional face lather. I like the slightly thicker knot with i think poss a best badger hairthis time. I am unsure ehich to go for, any recommendations on any of these and also a performance review on them inc what u use it cor and how it feels would be great! Im looking forwrd to my next purchase!

lso i quite like the shorter hair length (loft is this) i like the brush to splay out slightly!
And i have only used creams so far, so one slightly suited to creams will be ideal! ( plus when i venture into soaps i. Can buy another) :)
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Since you mainly bowl lather and the handles on the duke and chubby are shorter, I'd say Colonel or Commodore. The Colonel I had did quite well at bowl lathering creams with occasional face lathering. I never had a Commodore to compare.

If you like a softer brush with a little more splay, a Rooney 3/1 Super might also work for you. I mostly face lather soaps these days and my favorites are a Simpson Rover and Duke 1. However I still use my Rooney 3/1 Super to face lather soaps and creams. It's a nice change of pace from my Simpsons.
The 4 Simpson's models which you mention are all good brushes and each one would definitely serve you well. Seeing as you tend to lather in a bowl, I would be tempted to suggest the Colonel or the Commodore because they have longer handles.
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