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Bronnley and Yardley bath soap

Who's used these? I really like Yardley English lavendar, which IMO is how lavendar soap should smell: clean and not to sweet. Bronnley's I find sort of a grandma soap, just as their Pink Bouquet is: an overly sweet and muffled scent. I do like Bronnley's RHS rose soap, which is kind of the rose equivalent to Yardleys lavendar. Today I got a bar of Bronnleys English fern, which seems much better than the other scents. Going for a test shower now.

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. Yes, I use Yardley's Flowering English Lavender Body Wash in my rotation in the shower. To me, it is fantastic. I think there's something in there that just becomes more intense once it's lathered up in a poof. It really knocks your head off with it's power and you are spot on: I wish ALL lavenders smelled this way, it's crisp, clean & fragrant. To me, too many lavenders are somewhat sickly sweet in smell and don't last long. The Body Wash leaves a great smell for at least 3 hours. I can still smell a faint hint of it mid-morning.

The best thing is that it is $2.99 at my local Walgreen's and they stock it all the time. Great value and a great product. Shame they don't make a shave cream or soap in their lavender scent.

Hope this helps
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