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Blue Zoo Beard/Mustache Comb

Ordered one of these for $1.50 from AliExpress. Took about 30 days for delivery from China to Japan, so no idea what it would require to places further away. Sure this varies from seller to seller. But I digress.

I bought it for my mustache and as luck would have it, that portion of the comb was defective. (See pic) AliExpress handled this well, told me I would get a refund (in 3 days to a month??), and more impirtantly didn’t have to return it. So I had an idea... make it into a beard comb even though I didn’t want a beard comb.

So I got out my Dremel and used a cut-off wheel to cut it in half. Slow going so I switched to my angle grinder to shape it. The sides were oversized so I brought those down. Then a series of 80, 120, 240 and 600 sandpaper. Rubbed a bit of my Proraso Wood & Spice beard oil into it. Took an hour or so in total. And it looks pretty nice. The wood seems to be of good quality so I am going to sand off the finish from the sides. If you like little DIY projects and want a durable, cheap comb, maybe give it a try.


In for a penny...

Decided to start again with 240 and get all the cheap finish off. Went between the teeth and sanded their edges and tips. Then through the sandpaper sequence up to 800. Finished with some lemon oil. There’s a tiny speck of the logo left but it looks better than the first effort.