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Blue Wilkinsons

So I ordered a bullgoose sampler pack back when I first started and finally have gotten around to sampling blades after sticking to derbys for a month. Open the Blue Wilkinsons and find a Black 7oclock inside. Are they from the same factory? Only having one shave from the blues I can say I like them a lot more than the wally wilkys. I'll save the black for when I try the yellows. (Note: I did open the paper to check that it said gillette super platinum or whatever)


On the plus side I get to try a blade that "wasn't included" in the sample pack
Gillette India makes both brands. The Indian Wilk is their "value" blade, and the 7-Black is their "premium" product in that market. Maybe they forgot the market-speak on the package to promote the 7-Black sample? Or maybe it's an unadvertised sneak enticement? Oh well, enjoy it!
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