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bleaching boar bristles?

I really dislike the fake 3-band dye-jobs that boar brush makers apply on the majority of their brushes. Have any of you experimented with bleaching the bristles? I'm thinking that it would probably damage the bristles but I want to know your thoughts.
Sunshine might be enough, if you do not mind waiting. We have seen some examples of badger hair bleached that way.

Recently my policy has been to only buy unsketched boars: at the moment I have two Semogues and the Omega 10066. But if I were going to experiment with bleaching sketched hair, I would probably do it with a cheap VdH boar or Sally Beauty (Marvy) boar. You could get a banded Omega for about the same money, but I would feel worse about ruining an Omega.
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i would not try it with a nice Semogue! Why don't you pick up a natural bristled one from Semogue or Omega as they have a few good ones, such as the SOC and 2000. Good luck.
Semogue's & Omega's are relatively inexpensive, Pick up a couple and consider PIFing your current Brush to a Newbie who might be in need of some help, or you could B/S/T it.
I think that you run the risk of damaging the boar bristle in some way. I would imagine that the dye used in sketching is aborbed into the bristle on a molecular level. Having said that, if you're willing to take the chance in the name of science and the love of natural boar bristle, go for it - nothing ventured, nothing gained!
I plan on buying only unsketched boars in the future, but I do own a couple of dyed brushes. That's my reason for asking, I should f made that clear. Thank you for the responses, gentlemen.
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