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Blade exposure and aggressiveness....

So I keep hearing people talk about aggressiveness and which razor is more aggressive, and they usually refer to the blade exposure wiki and compare the two.

I found (I forgot the exact numbers right now) that the Merkur 34C and Gillette SS Flare-Tip were equal in blade-exposure. They don't feel a ton different in aggressiveness, but I would have to say, the Merkur 34C is definitely a decent step down in how close it gets, and I believe also in aggressiveness. You would have to try hard to angle the Merkur 34C at a more aggressive angle for it to cut as close as the flare-tip does while holding it at about the same angle. Hard to describe aggressiveness I guess, but it seems as if the flare-tip is a step up.

Is this something weird that I'm thinking it's more aggressive but most people think it isn't? That or is the blade exposure just one factor and other factors make the flare-tip more aggressive?

I literally use the flare-tip (still need to try the red-tip and adjustables though) to get a closer shave when I want to. Seems weird to me that when you think of "aggressiveness" people just look at the blade exposure and seem to assume the flare-tip has the same aggressiveness as the Merkur.
Weight and balance of the razor play a big part, as do blade gap, exposure angle, and blade choice. Comparing just the gap ignores the other factors that have an equal (if not larger) role in a razor's aggressiveness.

A Fiat 500 and a Mini Cooper are both small cars. Which one goes faster? Which one costs more? Which one is more reliable? Like cars, razor comparisons should be made on a full scale of features and measurements.
http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Double-Edged_Safety_Razors_Ranked_by_Aggressiveness tries to explain:

Aggressiveness is not dependent upon a single dimension or measure of a razor. It depends upon blade geometry/angle, exposure, span, gap, weight, and most of all, the user.

As an example of YMMV, I find the 34c fairly aggressive and the flare-tip super speed fairly mild. The red-tip is a little more aggressive for me, but not much. But Merkurs require a somewhat different technique than Super Speeds do. You might find that it works better for you after a week or two. Or put it aside and come back to it in a month or two.

In passing, are you sure your "same angle" is blade angle? Or are you looking at the handle angle?
Yeah I guess what I meant is when I hold it at the same handle angle it seems like it doesn't cut as closely.

Not sure why I find it less mild, I guess I am very used to the Merkur, yet I can't get a really close cut as easily. I have used the Flare-tip much less but it just seems to cut closer in less passes, I'm not sure if that makes it not as aggressive, but it definitely seemed much closer...as in the razor had a much steeper angle on my skin...
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