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FSOT Black Translucent Hard Arkansas stone / Koraat full custom 10/8

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Please use messaging for all trade purchase requests. Thank, Scott

This stone is very hard and fine. The stone lapped flat with the exception of the very corners which will not affect its use. I have been using it to finish straight razors so it needs nothing done with it before using. The first picture is with the stone dry to show the level of finish on the stone and both sides are lapped and burnished to a fine polish and I use one side with kitchen knives etc. and the other side with straight razors. The stone is very flat and lapped to 3000 grit with SiC before burnishing with a 2" wood chisel.

This stone is very hard and does not release slurry. I have many hours into lapping and finishing both sides of stone and it has been in use so it needs nothing before using as final finish hone. Just ask if more pics desired or any other questions.

Price is $300.00 shipped CONUS. Please PM me if you are International.

6C1C30EF-5141-4D60-8A09-1BAD0C3830EE_1_105_c.jpeg E7B55A0B-A780-4B22-9B8B-06AB8B1528CD_1_105_c.jpeg ADA3AC23-E6F7-4D24-8CEF-53BC8BB46644_1_105_c.jpeg
A3D9A875-210C-4A25-94CC-B6828101B245_1_105_c.jpeg 84CDEDB6-21B2-4479-A4E5-2592C8A7152C_1_105_c.jpeg
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Please PM or email me with all offers do place them them in this thread please.

Koraat 10/8 with Mammoth ivory tang inserts and blonde horn scales. I paid about €800 to have it made for me and I would like to possibly trade for Filarmonica JMP EPBD 8/8 in mint/NOS condition or equivalent and possibly partial cash trade. More pics available as requested. This razor shaves very well and has never nicked me though I would suggest its best enjoyed by someone with intermediate to advanced straight razor skills. I keep i finished with a coticule and would be happy to maintain it for the buyer s long as they would like for the cost of shipping only.

CE99BE48-679D-4581-AEDC-CA1E6A5ACCEF.jpeg E375EABD-59FB-4506-9149-295BBFA03C08.jpeg 62CDC585-D365-456F-943F-1163337D9E03.jpeg FD1536E2-9EB0-468E-8B1E-4E4BF567A757.jpeg A7B589AF-72E5-40FE-9AD2-2CA858A8BB55.jpeg
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