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Best sandalwood soap

What is the best sandalwood soap as far as slickness, post shave, and scent?


I don’t know about ‘best’ when it comes to ‘traditional’ wet shaving. YMMV is certainly the rule!

I had a very enjoyable shave with Fine’s santal absolut (soap + splash) the other day! Great lather that was slick and protective with a fine sandalwood scent that did not last too long! :thumbup: :thumbup:
"Best" is a bit hard to say -- ask 20 people and get 30 answers. :laugh:

Fine Santal Absolut tries to emulate the Art of Shaving Sandalwood, it seems pretty close. It is truer to real sandalwood than most. While not at the "elite" level, this is a nice performing tallow-based soap.

Haslinger has the regular Sandalwood and the Spa Sandalwood. Both scents are on the milder side, but pleasant enough, the Spa version is a bit stronger. Haslinger performs very well and is a vegetable-based soap.


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AoS Tallow .. actually the newer version ain't too shabby either. But with Valobra gone .. The OP was about soaps, AoS creams are good, as is Proraso Red ...
My favorite is Lather and Wood sandalwood. It is a very dry and woody sandalwood without any cologne like scent mixed in which fits my personal tastes. The lather is great as well.
DRHarris Sandalwood
Shaver Heaven sandalwood (discontinued)

TAOS, Fine, TOBS, Proraso were not to my preference.

WSP sandalwood was also good. Like a pure woody sandalwood, no incense type smell.
Back in the day, I used Proraso Red, paired with the pre-shave cream and matching AS splash. The feel, the shave, the skin - it was all great. That said, I grew tired of the scent. Sandalwood is just not my thing. I wanted to try DRH Sandalwood, but decided there were far too many other DRH soaps I'd rather use (Windsor, Lavender in particular).


I don't know the "best" but Proraso Red is my favorite sandalwood scent and it doesn't irritate my skin like some do. I don't care for more perfume like sandalwood scents some really enjoy.
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