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Best name/identifier for my "English New FB LC"

Unless I accidentally nailed it on my first try (the title of this thread) which is unlikely. What is the best way to identify which model New Long Comb it is that I have? I've done lots of google searches and read thru many threads here at B&B. As near as I can tell what I have is similar to the French Service Set and/or the English Jewelry Set (pictures I found at Mr. Razor that match closely). Mine says "Made In England" rather than "Importe De'Angleterre". Do I just call it an English Service Set? Or since I don't have the box it's not a set or kit - just call it an English Service? (geez I'm far down the geek rabbit hole here) Just curious what is the easiest way to designate which I have and to distinguish it from a RFB? Or am I just geeking out too much and "English New LC" says all that needs be said?

I'm new to owning vintage Gillette razors --- at least I'm new to it other than that I grew up in the 50's and they were everywhere to be seen and nothing I would have thought would be collector items someday. (I didn't think my Spider Man #1 or Fantastic Four, X-Men, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil etc. comics were something to hang onto either - what a missed opportunity!) Anyway most of what I see available are the USA ones or the English RFB and I almost never see the non raised Flat Bottom like mine. Also almost all that I see have those little corner tabs on the cap and mine doesn't.

For what it's worth - I had my first shave with it this morning and holy cow! What a great razor! I thought it looked funny at first with the skinny little handle, but it fits me perfectly. I had a very comfortable and close shave with it this morning.

I did make one small modification. I noticed that there was a fair bit of wiggle room for the blade to have more reveal on one side than the other. Not much but enough to matter (to me anyway). It is easy enough to see it and line it up before clamping it down but I am a techno-geek and I have some very thin copper tape I use for shielding control cavities in electric guitars and basses (etc.). The tape has very good adhesive and is about .0015" thick. I put two layers over the alignment posts to make them .006" thicker (.003" on each side of each post) and they fit very snug in the baseplate now and the blade aligns perfectly without any play.

You might not notice the copper tape if you weren't looking for it in this first picture with the cap separated from the base. But in the second picture it jumps out at you against the plating on the base.


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Nice find! It is a Flat Bottom NEW - at least the baseplate is. The handle is also from that period and based on the mr razor site you would be looking at the French version rather than the English version, but then again Gillette also had this policy of going with what was available.

As for the cap missing the guide posts that too is specific for the set you found. And the English version at that because the blade posts are longer than in the French version.

So what could also be is that your call and baseplate are English and the handle was added or modified later in the process by using the French handle.

Nice razor! And a great shaver too by the way!


Just curious what is the easiest way to designate which I have and to distinguish it from a RFB?
The simplest way I know is that the middle section of your baseplate is ‘thicker’ than what you currently have - but still flat. Because of the added thickness it is ‘raised’ compared to the regular flat bottom.

And the top of the baseplate would have an alignment groove running through the entire plate rather than being flat like it is now.

Easiest way is through pictures obviously, this one is from @mr-razor ‘s website:


What is the best way to identify which model New Long Comb it is that I have?
Blades are usually a giveaway for dating the razor. My vintage razors all came without, so I just went from picture to picture on mr razors website. And there are of course threads like these to help you along!


Blades are usually a giveaway for dating the razor.

Nice find!

That EFBLC is well brassed, so any blade that came with it might be decades older than the razor. I find it interesting that, in addition to Gillette making up razors 'on the fly', the English designs and the American designs could be so different.

I also suspect, given AutoStrop had production in England, that the Gaisman-engineered takeover/merger had different effects in the US and England.

@Guido75 , that EFB Tech you sent @flask28 is an unusual beast as well, with that hollow fluted handle.
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