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Best functional soap/cream for str8?

HI Guys:

First an apology if this is: a) In the wrong forum. Please move if necessary. b) If it has been covered before and I just didn't get it.

Currently I use a cartridge but I'm 'taking the plunge'. I'm waiting for my C&E brush and a straight razor that I bought from Lynn Abrams.

My question now is: From a purely functional point of view what would you recommend for soap/cream for use with this gear? Something antiseptic?? :smile:

Oh boy, where to start on this one. I personally don't use a straight. I prefer DE's as I'm just faster with them. That being said, I will use a straight on occasion, no more than once every 6 months or so. I think you will find people that divide into one of two camps. Soaps tend to provide less lubrication and consequently yield a closer shave. Creams on the other hand, provide more lubrication but not as close of a shave. And of course, there are soaps that behave as creams and creams that behave as soaps...so it really all boils down to personal choice. I tend to prefer to use soaps as I find that they are less messy and don't require a bowl for generating lather (you just lather a soap on your face), but I do use creams as they usually have scents that are not available in soaps...so it relly is all a personal choice. Since you are just starting out I would recommend a shave cream...my personal favorite is Salter's Fresh Mint Shave Cream--it smells like Mint Icecream. If that is not your bag, look at other scents. Any cream from Truefitt and Hill, Trumpers, Salter's, Taylors should provide you with a good cream. If you would like to use a soap, I would suggest either the T&H shave soap, and Crabtree and Evelyn Soap, or one of the D.R. Harris shave soaps. Best of luck. Hope this helped, and maybe others who straight shave on a regular basis can help chime in here.
I shave exclusively with a straight razor (for the past two years). In general, it is easier to create good lather with a cream than a soap. So, if you are brand new to all of this (e.g. are not experienced using a brush) I would get a cream. Randy named reputable purveyors of good creams. I don't know that there's one that is unequivocally better than another. I have good luck with dr harris almond, t&h lime, trumpers rose and coconut, Palmolive (this is actually an excellent cream, can be found at CVS, and is inexpensive)... anyway, all of the high end creams, and Palmolive, will do just fine.

If you do have some experience using a brush, I would probably recommend as my overall favorite dr harris almond soap. Very slick and moisturizing. C&E has very good soaps as well, which are a little less expensive. I am also a big fan of mama bear's soaps... they provide a real thick lather, so that's another option.

At the end of the day, when first learning to use a straight, you are going to have some nicks, and you are going to have some irritation. It takes a while to get your technique, as does it take some time for your skin to adjust.

If you are new to a str8, use the most protective thing you can to give your face a chance. I would recommend a cream rather than a soap, perhaps something really rich like Taylors Avocado or Rose. Good luck.
Scotto, I believe you're right, I think it does make sense. I remember the first shave I took with my straight was with Taylors almond, however.

Proraso, Taylors Avocado or C&E Sweet Almond Oil are my creams of choice before attacking my face with my Feather Artist Straight.

I want as much cushioning as I can get!:eek:
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