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Hello all, my lathering skills are alright, I think, however the bowl I am stuck with currently is rather steep, and not too wide, and I find my lather creeps up the edges as I work the brush. I'll probably just get a wider bowl sometime soon, but I have one question before my $1.15-5.00 investment goes into play....

Any designs (such as an overhanging lip perhaps?) that make your bowl rock harder? lather better? and just generally make it a dream to use? theories?

(I realize debating bowl ideas sounds trivial, but oh well)
I guess it depends on what you want out of a shaving bowl. I "bowl" lather but I don't use a mere bowl. What you need, that's right NEED, is a scuttle.

Keeps the lather warm. Designed with little ridges in the bottom to aid in lather production.

Here is a fantastic review of some popular choices.....

score one! And here I thought scuttle was but a mere verb! If I can't find one sometime soon I can always throw some ridges in the bottom of a wooden bowl...no heat retention though...
Today I went hunting through the isles of value village in hopes some widow had brought her late husband's favorite novelty mickey mouse scuttle after his passing. I scaled the whole place, and not a scuttle anyplace, however, I did come across this fine earthenware planter(I think that's what it is), and look! ridges! (at least a semblance of some).

I think it should work nicely, even nicer for 99 cents!(11cm diameter on the rim)
Great find. You could fill the sink with hot water then set that bowl in it to achieve similar effects as a scuttle. Some of the others have suggested using that method. Never tried it myself.

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