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Best blade in Fatip Piccolo

I use Bolzano in all my Fatip Open Combs and Schone - - Feather in my Parker and Muhle OC's - - and Shark in my Fatip and EJ closed combs (which I use on third pass ATG only). Best shave for me, overall, is any Fatip or Schone OC with a Bolzano.
I have been using astra with my piccolo and it witke fine but then again the work well with any reason that I have tried them with. I am probably going to try bolzano next as I have just gotten some to try.
I used yesterday Bolzano for my first Fatip Piccolo try.
It was very smooth and modestly aggressive,I really enjoyed shaving with this!
Bolzano worked well for me using the gentile plate but I used a feather yesterday and it was great. My piccolo costs a smal fraction what my other razors cost but it shaves just as well as they do (and a good deal more intuitively for me) and looks great - the performance and satisfaction ratio to cost is incredible for fatip razors.
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I revisit my BIC Platinum blades which i've got from my first and only blade sample 4 years ago and since my Fatip Grande has become my go to razor for the past 2 years, I decided to use them for the test. Usually I use Polsilver SI 99% of the time on every razor and I get great results. The blade is very sharp and mid range smooth. The BIC however was super smooth and slightly less sharper than the Polsilver. I just got my 3-rd shave with the BIC and it was amazing.

It might sound funny, but that blade feels like a sports car on my face. It glide with super ease while it's sharp enough to cut though anything on it's path without any irritation whatsoever. In fact, I didn't even felt the need to use an after shave! I've tried the BIC in my recently acquired Old Type and Super Adjustable and the shaves were decent/ok but nothing impressive or even remotely close to the shaves that i've got with the Fatip Grande.

I immediately pulled the trigger on the cheapest 100x BIC Platinums that I found on the bay and thanks to the 5 pount discount, i've got them super cheap. If I keep getting the same shaves for at least a month from those blades, i'm going to get 1000 and use them only with the Fatip.
Pretty much any blade from the Gillette St Petersburg Factory is a great fit for my Piccolo. All of them are sharp and smooth for me.

Perma Sharp Super
Polsilver SI
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