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OC razors (want to try Fatip Piccolo)

Slants are ugly ducklings and I too had a challenging time getting over their weird geometry but I am glad I did as I am almost a slant only shaver now. You should really try one as it just may be what you need regarding the neck irritation and at around $30 for the all brass Fatip, it is a low risk high performance proposition.
My issue with the neck irritation, was just the R41. Other razors have done fantastic ATG on my neck :)

Someone mentioned that the razor doesn't seem to clamp the blade properly, making the blade chatter a lot. Would've kept using the R41, otherwise. R41 feels fantastic WTG and XGT, IMO. I just chase BBS....Always
A Fatip nickel-plated Grande, a Mühle STF knot set in an AP ShaveCo handle, and Stirling soap?!

I take a while to research the things i want to order, since i live outside the US because of shipping costs.... and bulk ordering really helps bring the cost down :). I've been trying out the Stirling barbershop for quite a few weeks now, and wow is it good.... Main issue is that i get used to smells quite quickly, so i need some variety 😃
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