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Best blade in Fatip Piccolo

Hi gents

Just out of interest what's the sharpest and smoothest blade you've used in a Fatip Piccolo?
In my piccolo I've tried..

Astra sp: plenty sharp and smooth
Feather: sharpest but not overly smooth
Shark super stainless: sharp enough but not very smooth
Treet platinum: bluntest blade so far but smooth
Pre 2016 Derby: sharp enough and very smooth
Tiger platinum: quite sharp and smooth
BIC chrome platinum: very sharp but not very smooth
Voshkod: not as sharp as others but very smooth

I test all blades with 2 days growth and a full shave finished with an against the grain pass for ultimate closeness testing, I then just go for a normal (not atg) shave each day with that blade until it feels a bit blunt.

I've got other blades to try and I'm sticking to the piccolo as it's fantastic so I'm also looking for the best blade. My technique has changed somewhat since when I first got it and I've stopped face lathering completely as it inadvertently lead to all my irritation and it's made every shave since just perfectly smooth and nick free. This means I need to retest the blades for their smoothness just to be certain

but the sharpness will not change for obvious reasons.
Sharpest and smoothest would be GSB closely followed by the Astra SP. The two blades are good in all my razors so I don't think the razor is particularly significant, more how you use the razor.
Hi gents

Just out of interest what's the sharpest and smoothest blade you've used in a Fatip Piccolo?
Blades are the most YMMV thing so you will get many contradicting answers.

A "sharp" blade for me might be a "dull" blade for you and a "smooth" blade for you might be a "harsh" blade for me.

In any case after 40 years of DE shaving and trying all blades under the sun...MY "best" and smoothest and sharpest blade is the Shark SS and it works great in my Picolo.


Like others in this thread, I find Kai's work quite well in my Piccolo's. Polsilver Irridiums work well in anything.

For daily shaving, Dorco Prime Platinum and Silver Stars work quite well and have the advantage of being far cheaper than the other two blades mentioned above.

As always, YMMV.
The Fatip OC razors can do well with many different blades, IME. I have found some good choices to be Wizamet Super Iridium, KAI, Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow, and Silver Star.