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Best Aluminum free deoderant?

Hey fellas - I have been using the "crystal" rock deo-stick for awhile now, but wouldn't mind trying a few "scented" deoderants.

Any alum free recommendations? (I know Ron has a truckload of deoderants - Ron?)
I have tried Taylor's Sandalwood deodorant, and it works well and smells very nice. It is also too expensive to use on an everyday basis. Another thing is that it smells very strong, it's a good smell, but it will overpower your cologne. My wife actually found it too strong smelling (it irritated her nose lying beside me) at bedtime 12 hours after applying it.

Deo-rocks do nothing for me. I work in the trades and it doesn't work for the long-haul. It's not even summer yet.

I bought some Neutro Roberts deodorant for men roll-on which smells nice and works, but I noticed it has aluminum in it even though it says deodorant (and not anti-perspirant). My quest for a nice smelling deodorant continues. All the Speed-stick stuff smells too synthetic for me.
I put some Tom's of Maine woodspice deoderant in my rotation. Smells good and works pretty good also. I found that if I use the typical everyday brands, I brake out in a rash. The Tom's comes through, no rash and smells great. There are some more brands out there, you're best bet would be to check the local health food store for them. There's one, I think it's called Desert Essentials, and they have a pretty big line up. On my next deorderant purchase, I'm going to check into them.

You are right Joel, I do have a truckload of deodorants. One thing I found since Right Guard was reformulated (a 1000 of so years ago) to be more environmentally friendly was, it did not work for me any longer. I plotted my course to find a replacement and almost foundered in the rough seas of irritation and stench. :crying:
Though I bought one stick after another, I refused to used antiperspirants. The results were mixed and it seemed as though I bought one brand after another. Here is what I learned. Rotation, rotation, rotation! The more varied, the less likely irritation would ensue. If I used Curve 3 days running, I'd get reddened, burning areas in the armpits, this was despite showering and attentive washing. So I put it aside and bought some Guy Laroche Drakar Noir. Same thing... Hmmm.. So I bought C&E Sandalwood, C&E Nomad, C&E Sienna, Floris JF, Floris Santal, Floris Elite, Taylors Shaving Shop, Taylors Eton College, Taylors Mr Taylor, and on and on...
They all work admirably when used for a day or two and rotated. The FLoris JF is about probably the most efficacious of the lot... Stands up to 24 hours of normal bacteria building followed by a half-hour plus sweaty jog, and I still smell great..
I have been using the Floris Santal deodorant, and it is great stuff. I have noticed better performance relative to stank compared to the Old Spice stuff I used previously.
Scotto said:
I have been using the Floris Santal deodorant, and it is great stuff. I have noticed better performance relative to stank compared to the Old Spice stuff I used previously.

Man that stuff is mighty pricey though..... you can get 2.5 C&E sticks for the price of one Floris!

I've thrown the Jack Black deodorant into the mix (along with some C&E Nomad & Sienna) with good results.

It's got a very pleasant and light scent
obsessis said:
why don't you want to use anti-perspirants/aluminum-based deodorant?

There have been a TON of studies (mainly in Britian) that have shown "anti-persperants" to cause breast cancer in men and women, and that it causes a whole volley of problems. I am not here to argue the merits of it - however I DO know that once I switched to non-aluminum based deoderants, the glands under my pitts shrank after a month or so off of the aluminum.... this shows for at least me - something wasn't right "health-wise." I am not a very "sweaty" guy, and even without deoderant at all - my odor would never be pungent enough to be detected by someone around me (unless there nose was lodged a la pit).

Do a few google searches.... you'll dig up more info than you can shake a stick at.
joel said:
Yes! Excellent stuff.. Goes on VERY nicely.. Much better than most sticks that have a tendency to tear the hair (if you are particularly hirsute in the pits) out of your armpits as you rub it on...
Price YES
Ease of Application: YES!!!!! (No torn HAIR!)
Efficacy: Very GOOD to EXCELLENT! (Pits smell decent even after eating a heavy garlic-based tomato sauce and then jogging two hours later!)
Nice debunk link. If I don't wear anti-perspirant, I get sweaty pits pretty easily. Not very attractive when going on dates. I was going to post here asking whether products labelled merely as deodorants have any anti-perspiring qualities to them, but I guess that answer is no.
I don't know about breast cancer (and sort of doubt it), but I do know that the Aluminum in anti-perspirants works by causing your pores under the arms to close up (very like an Alum block does for nicks), thus reducing the ability to perspire at all.

For most people this pore-closing appears to work just fine, but my skin is particularly sensitive to clogging, both on the face and under the arms, so I get horrific, painful lesions when I use anti-perspirant for too long. Using deodorant has avoided the problem for me.

And Ron and Joel, I've noticed the need to rotate too! More for efficiacy than to avoid irritation, but it's like my skin "adjusts" to any particular pit-flit I use for more than a week or so. :mad:

I, too, have largely abandoned aluminum-based deodorants, and I've been trying to convince my wife to do the same (so far, unsuccessfully). I don't know about the breast cancer link, but I do recall a few years ago a study that linked aluminum to Alzheimer's, though I don't think they were looking at absorbed aluminum (maybe eating too much foil? I don't know).

Anyways, I've tried a bunch in the $5 to $6 a stick range (I've steered clear of the really pricey ones so far), and I've had the best success with Tom's of Maine's long-lasting deoderant. But this is really an area where a person's body chemistry can really make a difference!

I have good success with the deoderant crystal. I thought it was a bit expensive. Turns out it lasts a long time and is less than standard deoderants.

I've also used the suds of a Neem soap that I found in an Indian foods store(from India). It dries quickly and I put it on a few minutes before dressing. I like rotating anti-bacterial items to avoid bacterial resistance.

I've notice that those underarm stains on my clothes have also disappeared.

I have been using the Usher brand deodorant that came in a Christmas gift pack. It doesn't list aluminum in the ingredients, seems to work well,and smells good to boot.
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