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Hello! I’m Wei from Singapore. I have picked up DE shaving since the covid “lockdown” (Singapore, about February-March). I have to share that B&B is the forum I go to for any reliable information I need.

My shave setup is :
EJ89 3 inch handle
Omega Boar brush
Bluebeard’s Revenge pre shave oil
Proraso sandalwood cream
Old spice cream (I do not like it but I was starting out and wanted to try something cheap)
Gillette 7 o clock Super stainless blades
Nivea post shave balm (cooling)
Proraso sandalwood lotion

without this forum I would have given up long ago due to multiple nicks and weepers so a big thanks to everyone here.
Hi Wei...welcome to this great forum. I am your neighbour, from JB.
I too started with an EJ DE89L with the Feather blade. My initial few days experience was not good too but since then...almost a year later...after trying & accumulating 30 razors...vintage, modern, shavette & some SRs, the EJ DE89L remains one of my favourite now for an irritation free shave.
You can find some good and cheap variety of shave creams and DE blades in Singapore to try and help you get better result and less irritation.
Best regards.


Welcome. You have a good setup. Remember, technique trumps equipment. Learn how to use what you have.