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Hello! I’m Wei from Singapore. I have picked up DE shaving since the covid “lockdown” (Singapore, about February-March). I have to share that B&B is the forum I go to for any reliable information I need.

My shave setup is :
EJ89 3 inch handle
Omega Boar brush
Bluebeard’s Revenge pre shave oil
Proraso sandalwood cream
Old spice cream (I do not like it but I was starting out and wanted to try something cheap)
Gillette 7 o clock Super stainless blades
Nivea post shave balm (cooling)
Proraso sandalwood lotion

without this forum I would have given up long ago due to multiple nicks and weepers so a big thanks to everyone here.


Welcome to the madhouse Wei. :thumbup:
Thanks I am also thinking the same thing! However it costs about $20 shipped here at this period which I think is overpriced. I might get crystal deodorant as a substitute though!
The Crystal deodorant stick is a great choice. Same stuff as an alum block and a lot easier to handle. :001_cool: