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    Sam Adams Sam '76...

    I'm really liking this one. It's mass produced and on the cheaper side, but it is crisp and so drinkable. A good thirst quenching beer. [​IMG]
  1. 20DC7BBB-CA09-47D4-80D3-01727B2A5609.jpeg
    Founder’s KBS 2019
  2. ShaverGN

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    Do they still give free samples?
  3. They have resumed the practice. The last time I went, maybe 10 years ago, no samples were offered. Not sure when they restarted.
  4. Black Adder

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    A basic, light, fresh, and delicious beer from New Glarus. It almost demands that you light the grill and spend time on the patio with friends and family.

    Here's a great video telling the story of New Glarus. Enjoy.

  5. Black Adder

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    Some beers, simply on the basis of their name or presentation, seem downright silly. And you say to yourself, "well, who in their right mind would try something like that?" Rhinelander's Chocolate Bunny Stout comes to mind... I ended up pouring most of that six pack down the drain.....


    Point Brewing consistently surprises me with their silly name offerings. Snow Pilot is a pistachio nut brown ale that is amazing, and this one, their malt milkshake porter, rewards you with a rich, creamy sweet, not overly filling or bloating swallow. You want more!

  6. Mas Agave 2019 from Founder’s. Very lime tequila barrel aged Gose. Something different and delicious!
    2A6A9B63-2856-4BEA-A857-77B653DFD81F.jpeg 3D6F0579-FDC3-4E32-BA4D-4F6F76CEB913.jpeg
    More nice barrel aged stuff on the shelf.

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