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Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by Black Adder, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Black Adder

    Black Adder Contributor

    A New Year means new beer. What have you been trying? Sharing with buddies, sneaking one in the garage from the prying eyes of the wife? It's all good. 'Fess up!

    Hard to find, but I scored a couple. Canadian Breakfast Stout from Founder's. Sans Mountie. Trademark or copyright issues, apparently. I'll give it a whirl tonight.

  2. Another year of beer gone by?! Incredible!
    Still not sure why you would barrel age a Quad. The bourbon drowns the tasting notes that I seek out a Quad, but it is still nice sipping.

    My local ABC has CBS, but at a premium. Hopefully I’ll get a snifter on tap at the local craft beer spot. It is delicious!
  3. Black Adder

    Black Adder Contributor

    Yep. After tax, it was a little over $27 for a bomber.

    Just tapped into it. I'm REALLY liking it. I could see why some people would think it'd be too sweet, but to me it seems like an improved Sumatra Mountain. You know.... I should have poured about half cup over the roast I'm making right now. Kicks KBS right out of the park.

  4. A0415C9F-C1C1-42D2-BEAD-5B29A5DA625C.jpeg
    Grabbed one at Fresh Market. 8% ABV. I know it’s marketing, but it was cool to learn about the Swedish holiday connection. Rather have a Stone Xocoveza at holiday time, but I didn’t see it this year.
  5. 5908DD3A-9134-48D8-B078-88DF12123E9A.jpeg
    Pretty one dimensional. I’d love some chocolate and coffee. 11.8 ABV.
  6. Black Adder

    Black Adder Contributor

    I'll have one for you. Still have a bottle from 2016. Saw it in cans this year, but I just wasn't interested.

    New Glarus Spotted Cow with a Papa Murphy's take 'n bake pizza. Tuscan chicken and sausage thin crust. Yum.

  7. Toothpick

    Toothpick Moderator

    A dude I work went visited FL recently and brought me back this. One of my top 3 Hefs now. Really good!

  8. I remember you aren’t as enamored with it as I am. One (maybe 2!) would have held me another 365.
  9. D12C2C42-718B-4419-B5A6-8D09871A7C72.jpeg
    Mistake on 2 levels: 1) ordered a Southern 2X Stout and the waitress brought this, and 2) need a lager with sushi.
  10. D6D1E2C5-9C90-4F02-979C-B92D921D1F37.jpeg
    Cigar City Cubano-style Espresso. Really nice brown ale.
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  11. Out for the wife's school holiday party tonight. She does it after the New Year so as to avoid adding to everyone's stress at the end of the year. You must pay for your own beverages, of course, and I sampled a couple beers this evening: St. Bernardus Christmas Ale and Birds Fly South Rustic Sunday Saison (little tart for my liking).
  12. Tonight was a home brewed sour.

    8.1% sour brown ale and the last of a batch I bottled 7 years ago. It's been very interesting to see how the flavors have developed over time. Recipe from Wild Brews

    7 years was a bit too long for this one, but still quite good.

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  13. 2F6C8C86-EF9A-41B4-BC29-42C38FBC0224.jpeg
    Meh. But it has to be consumed. Too gimicky, I think.
  14. Black Adder

    Black Adder Contributor

    Too sweet? Or overwhelmingly flavored so much that you forgot it was a beer?

    No pictures, but stocked up on New Glarus' Cabin Fever, a honey infused bock. I'm enjoying one from Point Brewing called Snow Pilot, a pistachio nut brown ale. Not bad.

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  15. Maybe they have captured grape jelly too well in this beer. Possibly too far removed from a traditional brown ale. And it is pretty sweet. My son bought the six and left 4, sooo...
  16. F58772BE-647C-4441-8F37-49DDE1301374.jpeg
    Lagunitas Brown Shugga’
  17. Black Adder

    Black Adder Contributor

    A brown ale? Too sweet? I've been eyeing it.

    Wisconsin Brewing Company's Chocolate Lab Porter. Typical chocolate infused beer; pleasant. 5.2% ABV.

  18. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Tonight was Kiltlifter: a Scottish type ale.

  19. Well, of course you must try it...

    ...but I don't feel it does anything to separate itself from most Lagunitas offerings. Similar nose and taste profile. Higher ABV. I didn't get a strong sweetness. I certainly finished it, but went home after dinner never thinking I would need to have another. IDK...lemme know what you think!

    I will once again recommend the brewery tour if ever you find yourself in Petaluma....
  20. 8BBC1B99-5681-40E0-BF5A-480718F9C895.jpeg 82D420B2-C147-4615-BE1E-7F11B8B68F95.jpeg
    Had to make a pickup at RSW tonight, so we stopped at Fort Myers Brewing to have a food truck burger and beer. Left is Start Early Stout, a fair Oatmeal stout. On the right is Bubblin’ Crude, a Russian Imperial Stout, which is pretty tasty.

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