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Bday smoke

It's my bday today, I am travelling in Malaysia, far from home.
I'm having a smoke today, picked the priciest cigar I could find at the local duty free. It cost me the equivalent of AUD $5. Not expecting much from it. It is a Dannemann Tube (Pure Havana Filler). It is already cut so really not expecting it to be that great.

There is a nice cigar place near here that I found on the net so will be heading there to hopefully get some nice ones.

Back home I usually smoke Montecristo & Romeo Julieta.

Not a big smoker, maybe one a month or so.

Good to see this forum come up.

- Aaron
Thanks guys.
It was definitely not the greatest smoke in the world!! Some good flavour but mostly too harsh. Probably a 5-6 out of 10.
Need to get to the cigar lounge and grab a nice one.

- Aaron
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