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Baume du doge

Comparing Elixir to Paestum Rose may be a bit more appropriate, I think they have more similarity. To my nose, Elixir is not unpleasant at first but the jarring ISO E Super laden frankincense note gets tiring very quickly. Olivia Giacobetti used a similar frankincense accord in her Passage d'Enfer, another great (initially) frag that quickly turns into a monotonous bore (YMMV).

Baume du Doge has Duchaufour written all over it, but if you like it and haven't tried Amouage's Jubilation XXV yet - give that one a try.

If it's the Rose/Frankincense combo you like, Amouage Tribute has one of the best takes on that theme. Sadly, most of the Tribute batches I've encountered have a very muted rose and slightly flat frank, and only one batch I've come across has a very lively singing rose and fresh transaparent frank, so it's a bit of a gamble depending on what batch you end up sampling/buying.
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