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Baseline Razor

I have been in the mood to try new blades lately. I picked up some new blades and am ready to give them a whirl. I know what razor I will be using.

What razor do you use as your 'baseline razor'? The razor you can use to judge blades by?
For me, its always a Muhle R89 Grande. Such a wonderful razor, and always my go-to, especially for testing new blades.
For blade testing, I use a FrankenRazor ... Stahly head on a Tradere handle.
This is my go-to razor for 2-day shaves, usually with AstraSP blades.

If I had to nominate a readily available razor, though, it would probably be a Merkur HD or a Gillette Tech.
Old Type OC clone that I picked up from the 'Bay. It's my go to if I want to shave quickly or test a new blade. I've yet to find something to beat an Astra SP in there. In fact, I've yet to find any razor that I prefer any blade other than an Astra SP in. What a delightful blade!

My Merkur 1904, mainly because I used it almost exclusively for nine months and am most familiar with how it shaves. Before I "understood" shaving, I used a Gillette Super Adjustable for over 30 years. You'd think that would be my baseline. But it's not. I suffered through a lot of inconsistent shaves with that razor.
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