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Balms vs Splashes vs Alum Block

Hello all,
I'm relatively new to traditional shaving and wanted to get the groups thoughts and recommendations on Splashes and Balms as far as after shaves go. Which do you prefer and why? Do you combine any like a splash and balm or Alum and a splash? Any tips and recommendations are greatly appreciated

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I usually stick with just splashes. Balms never interested me that much and alum is a waste of money if you never cut yourself besides the occasional weeper on a blue moon.
I have an alum block, but I use it rarely, for the odd nick or scraped feeling. I always then slap on aftershave, 90% of the time 4711 cologne used as an AS splash. Then, on occasion, a balm, but not often: again, if I have that scraped-skin feeling.

My other two aftershave choices are Fine Italian Citrus and Speick. They both have quite pronounced and long-lasting scents, so their use depends on which soap or cream I've picked.
I use an alum lock daily as a check on technique, blade life, etc.. Rub it on after shaving and let the burn ( or lack thereof) tell me how I did. I wipe it off after shaving and use one of a number of balms. I do use Bay Rhum splash but on areas where I don't shave, just for scent.
To my way of thinking (others may disagree), a balm (as the name implies, see definition 2) operates more in the first-aid-to-skincare mode. Balm provides repair to the skin and respite from the shave. A splash operates more in the skincare-to-scent-wardrobe mode. It tightens and tones the skin and acts as a light cologne. (There are exceptions, of course: heavily scented balms may stretch into the scent wardrobe territory and unscented splashes – by design – focus on skin tightening and toning, adding nothing to the scent wardrobe.) Alum operates in roughly the same mode as balm, but more at the first-aid end of the scale.

Like @ask4Edge, above, I find balms heavy and their useful territory covered fully by the combination of alum (on the occasions it's needed) and splash (which I find invigorating in a way balms never were for me). When I was a younger and less skilled old-school shaver, the respite and repair provided by a balm was welcome. Now that I know what I'm doing and I'm much better at doing it, a balm is superfluous.
I'm going to look into several after shave Splashes play around with scents etc. Thanks everyone for the advice

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My skin is somewhat oily, so I use splashes rather than balms. I used an alum stick in the early days, but as my technique improved I no longer found it necessary. If I had drier skin, I'd try balms. Never have used balms and splashes together, though many swear by it.
I think I prefer balms. But I'm using Stirling Unscented Splash for variety. But I probably should have got one with scent.
My face is oily and sensitive so I find splashes work best for me. I never got along with alum.

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