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Hello all. I'm new to B&B, and sort of returning to the hobby.

I started shaving with a safety razor around 12 years ago, having found an old type at a jumble sale. I spent a couple of years trying different razors, blades, soaps and brushes until I settled on a preferred setup (Merkur Progress, Bleue Extras that I'd thankfully stockpiled, TOBS sensitive cream and a nondescript pure badger).

About 3 months ago I went on a trip and forgot my travel kit. The simple act of buying replacement gear sparked up all the ADs again! I'm back down the warren in a big way, enjoying shaving much more than i have in years.

Synthetic brushes seem to have come on leaps and bounds, and I'm finally venturing outside my Bleue Extra safe place; good thing too, as I'm down to the last few packs. Nacets have really taken my fancy.

The threads I've been reading in the last few months have been informative and enthusing. I'm glad to see wet shaving continues to be such an accessible yet absorbing hobby.
Great intro! Thanks for taking the time to say hello and provide some background information. It sounds like you're having a great time. A lot has changed. There are so many excellent choices to be had. Hopefully you find things that make you happy. See you around!
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