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Hey! I’m writing this to introduce myself. I’m new to B&B and relatively new to wet shaving. A couple months ago i got myself an Ali Express tech clone and promptly busted the head off it after two shaves slamming it against the side of the sink (don’t worry i don’t do that anymore). I enjoyed the experience enough to track down a ball end tech, a cheapie omega beech brush and some proraso green shave soap. Since then I’ve acquired a pile of vintage Gillettes. I never thought shaving could become a hobby, but I’m down the rabbithole now, I can see how this can get out of hand quickly. Anyway new Canadian wetshaver here, thanks for having me!

Attached are some pictures of some stuff I've picked up this week. The razors have all since been cleaned up considerably. The rubberset brush was never used! I’ve since put it to work.


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