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Back in stock, almost!

For all of you who have been asking, our copper lather bowls will soon be back in stock. Here is a shot of them just before packing. Look closely and you will see they have our new company stamp on the bottom. We expect them to be back in inventory by this coming Monday, possibly Saturday. With them on the way I have adjusted our site to now accept orders. First come, first served. As you can see we have a nice order on the way but quantities are limited.

I wanted to share this note we got from a loyal Captain's Choice customer:

"The copper bowl is visually stunning! My wife, who usually has despairing comments about the amount of room my shaving items consume in our master bathroom, instantly was a fan of how your copper bowl looks & coordinates “beautifully” with our master bath decor!"


No, this next picture does not have a mirror in it. :eek2:

Good news, tracking indicates they will arrive today. So the backlog of orders will be filled and shipped out by this evening. Look for your new copper bowls to arrive Priority next week!
Group shot as they were unpacked. Look closely and you will see the heavyweight with the flared edge. The standard have the rolled edge. Both are equally popular with customers.

Also a closeup of our logo stamped into the bottom rather than the name spelled out Captain's Choice Products. Call me "yesterday" but I really like the fact that each is made one at a time by hand.

IMG_0234.jpeg IMG_0236.jpeg
...Call me "yesterday" but I really like the fact that each is made one at a time by hand.
Personally, that was a very appealing feature. I got a rolled edge copper bowl a few months ago with the prior stamp (Is it vintage now? :biggrin:). Any imperfections are character, not detractors, and remind me of good stuff I've bought from individual craftspeople OCONUS that use old school skill and methods. Mass production lines can't touch it.

Can't recommend these bowls enough. Really cool looking, handy to handle, and perform very well with any soap, cream, or brush I've used.