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B&B Group Buy - QED Violetta: Announcement and Status

I have been working on a B&B group buy for a special offering - QED Violetta. At this point I am NOT ready to start taking orders. Here is where the group buy stands as of now:

The Product:
  • The group buy will be for a standard QED 5 oz. tub of glycerin-based shaving soap in the Violetta fragrance.
  • QED Violetta will have fragrance and essential oil components to produce a rich violet scent.
  • The soap will have a food-grade, vegetable-based colorant to give it a nice violet hue.
  • Note that in general QED products do not employ fragrance oils or colorants. That is why this will most likely be a one-time offer, similar to the story of QED Wild Rose (read between the lines - check out the Wild Rose threads and take advantage of the Violetta group buy while you can!).
  • Here are some links to earlier threads discussing the original release of this product. There's not a lot out there but most speak to it's rartiy and desirability.
Current Status of the project:
  • The obvious - Charles and B&B are OK with this project moving forward (or you wouldn't be reading this post) :biggrin:
  • I'll post to this thread as I get updates.
  • I am still working on product pricing with Charles. That pretty much drives everything with the group buy. As soon as we have a price and a time-frame to get Violetta produced I can start taking orders. The price will be somewhere in the ballpark of what QED is currently charging for 5 oz tubs (being vary vague here - stay tuned).
  • The group buy requires a minimum order of fifty tubs. Based on the interests this product has generated I assured Charles I would have no problem getting the minimum order quantity. I am putting my money where my mouth is. I assured Charles minimum quantity and am buying at least fifty tubs from him no matter what. I don't think I'll need to beg people to take this stuff off my hands.
  • Payment will be through PayPal only. I'll be using Priority Mail as the only shipping option CONUSA; so folks interested in this offer should expect shipping and PayPal fees to be approximately 5.50 per tub. I'll also have to add in a little more per tub to cover the costs I'll bear of having Charles sending me a big box of tubs to re-distribute. I'll get a two-tub and a three-tub purchase/ship price out there as well before orders start.
  • I would like to make this offer possible for people outside the US since you folks miss out on a lot of these deals. At this point I am trying to figure out how much of a challenge that is going to be and if I can handle it. I am going to post a separate thread to talk about costs of shipping outside the US and to see how much interest there is going to be.
That's all for now. Hang in there folks and have patience. My goal is to make sure everything is set up properly so as to minimize the time between taking your money and getting the product shipped to you.

Oh, one last note: If you want info/updates post here or PM me. Please don't contact Charles/QED directly. This is a very cool, special B&B thing he is doing for us and should only have to deal with one point of contact.
Looking forward to it. Just one thought... have you got all the names for the folks that want it or are you going to start over again?
Looking forward to it. Just one thought... have you got all the names for the folks that want it or are you going to start over again?

As soon as he has everything figured out regarding pricing etc., he will let us know how to go about ordering.

I am down the street a few miles from you in Sutton (Central MA). If you need any help let me know. I'll assist with helping you box and ship or whatever you might need. Drop me a PM if you need a third/fourth hand.

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