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B&B Group Buy - QED Violetta: Announcement and Status

Well I'm thinking big here but if the Violetta does well and we catch Charles on a good day, perhaps he'll consider doing a special "QED Floral Trifecta"; Wild Rose, Violetta, Jasmine. At this point all I'm thinking about is Violetta!
Another sincere thanks here and I am in for 2 tubs of Violetta or two tubs of each if it is a Floral Trifecta.
any estimate on the price? if it was reasonable ($15-$20) id definitely be in for a tub.
I just checked in with QED today. Still working on price. Stay tuned.

QED soaps range from $12 to $17 per tub (exclusive of shipping). It's going to fall into that range somewhere.


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I sense that this will be a monster group buy. :thumbup1:

Only one for me. No, really, only one. I need something to regret months from now.
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