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B&B Essential Question

This brush is great, fantastic lather, but the other brushes i have a silvertips, and very very soft. Im finding the brush to be slightly prickly in comparison. Does it soften up at all in peoples experience?
Yes, it does soften up ... give it a month or so for the hairs to get broken in.

I found that when I started using my Essential brush with Musgo Real cream, it took a great leap forward in softness. I imagine the lanolin in the cream did something to the badger hair.

I've had mine since New Year's Eve, and I haven't washed it yet ... I'm not sure if giving it a bath will make it softer or if I'll have to break it in all over again. In either case, it works fine, doesn't smell musty, and was a great deal for the money.
Have had mine for about three months (I think) and had your same question initially. I does seem to be softening up a bit and seems less scritchy than to begin with. Had not thought about giving it a bath with the lanolin trick. That may hurry up the process; just don't know for sure. And, truthfully, where it is in performance now seems about perfect for me.
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