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Aww crap... layoff notice!

Just got a 30 day notice this morning... wasn't expecting this one! :blink:

Not sure how they will function with only one IT guy as he usually only handles the phone system and doesn't know much else. But since I'm a contractor and not an employee, I get the boot!

Just wish it wasn't around Christmas, and it figures I just blew everything in my savings account out last month putting a new roof on the house. Talk about timing! :001_rolle

Oh well, at least I get 30 days plus a couple of weeks severance and another couple of weeks unused vacation. Hopefully I can land something in that time. Onward and hopefully upward... now who moved my cheese??? :thumbup:

PS: If anyone has any leads for an IT support position in Central PA (I am near Harrisburg), I'd appreciate the tip. I have lots of experience! (16 years) :thumbup1:
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GOOD LUCK my friend!

I start a new job a week from tomorrow as an independent contractor, so I'm going to have to start getting used to the idea of being expendable. But, hopefully this slowly improving economy gets us all going in the right direction.

Good luck and best wishes. I lost mine about 5 years back as they were relocating all the IT jobs to another country. Interestingly enough, the owner of the business failed to realize that if you host your own data center on site, you should probably have IT staff on site to maintain it.


I had a new job after about a month, and that was nice because I still had some vacation and severance pay left over.
Timing definitely sucks, but I am sure you will find something bigger and better. These things happen for a reason I always believe.
Good Luck to you. Maybe things will turn around in the new year. Rumor has it my company will have a few lay offs next year. :thumbdown
Thanks fellas for the well wishes!

Not looking forward to talking with my wife about it tonight. I have a little sign that reads "Pray for me, my wife is Irish" Those with Irish wives will understand! :lol: :whistling:

I do believe things happen for a reason and besides, I enjoy a good challenge... eat 'em for breakfast. :2guns:

Even with a tough economy, this is still the land of opportunities! Sometimes it involves a big change and takes a lot of thinking/planning in the ol 'noggin. If we can get through it without disrupting the kids and without a gap in health insurance coverage, I'll be a very happy and thankful camper! :thumbup:
I am sorry to hear that. Good luck in your job hunt. You are the third person this I know of getting notice just this week. :thumbdown
I know of some big data centers in PA. Lots of luck. Break a leg.

It's a bad season to get this news. Keep your chin up, and keep plugging. Lo siento mucho.
Just keep a positive attitude, it is not a reflection on YOU. I am in a field where I get laid off regularly (construction), took a while to get used to, but it is a "normal" way of life now. Exercise every morning, helps start the day off in a positive way, keeps the endorphins topped off!
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