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    Different soaps for different blokes I guess some do some don't always work or impress, great we have choices i'd say What a beautiful world we live in try some soaps today ;)
  1. Good response. It is all about what works for you.
  2. @StratMan
    Spent the last 3 days shaving with Florian. As with Ozymandias, the performance is stellar. Using a damp badger or boar to start (brush soaked then wrung out) and adding water slowly, I get a thick, creamy lather every time in my Captain's Choice hammered copper lathering bowl. The lather for me is dense with the consistency of the sour cream. It provides excellent cushion and slickness and I had no issues whatsoever with my Karve gliding over my face doing what that fine piece of equipment is designed to do. My face felt well lubricated for hours following the shave for all three days. I much preferred using Ozymandias based on scent alone--that one is exquisite. The Florian scent, while pleasant, is a bit overpowering for me particularly when I used the matching AS on the first and third days. I liked Florian more when I did not use the AS. If I had it to do over again, I would not get the AS for that specific reason. Nor would I recommend Florian to anyone who is sensitive to scents. It has me questioning whether I am going through a period where I am overly sensitive to smells.
  3. thanks for the write up @Southsider.. i shaved with florian this morning, personally i do enjoy stronger scented splash/soaps...

    looking forward to getting and trying the ozymandias in a few months, from what i heard it is more a winter scent but I would also like to hopefully finish a tub of soap before buying more.
  4. You're gonna have to use the same soap for extended periods to do that! :001_tt2:
  5. I used Florian again last night for my ‘back to work tomorrow’ shave. Still love it.

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  6. all my current supplies are going down slowly at even measures :) cant even do two soaps in a row
  7. So after a half dozen shaves with "Alfredus Choice", I have come to love APR soaps (and that is the old base). So much so that I think APR will be part of my permanent rotation and has slid into the top 3 soaps for me (when combining performance and scent considerations). The lather isn't quite as easy to build and yogurty as Ariana & Evans or DG Bison Tallow, but I love the slickness and the scent complexity. And the fact that they are able to make a scent as complex as Alfredus and maintain a natural feel to the scent rather than an artificial edge pushed me to buy 3 more tubs. I just ordered Mycroft, Winterfall and La Violetta (the latter being in the new base). I would have added Fenchurch, but that seems like it is sold out everywhere. Looking forward to add these to my den as I immensely enjoy APR at the moment.
  8. hey @steffenapelz i only have the new base and out of the two i have LaVioletta is my favourite scent, you will love it
  9. I am sure I will love it.

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  10. Have you give a try to the splashes of APR? For me, they are the best on the market, and the scent concentration is roughly the one of a Cologne, it last hours in most of them and let you enjoy more the scent complexity.
  11. I have not. I only use balms because I have very dry skin, so splashes do me no favors. And as far as scents are concerned, I like my EdTs to do that my post-shave routine is as follows:

    - witch hazel
    - ASB
    - face moisturizer
    - EdT

    But I am sure their splashes are as awesome as the soap, so I am not surprised to hear it works for you and many others.

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