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ATT Atlas M1 vs DE89

How does the ATT M1 compare to a DE89 in terms of aggression? I've also noticed a lot of these stainless razors require a steeper blade angle than other razors. Usually closer to 45 degrees because of the way the head holds the blade. Will the ATT blade angle be closer to the DE89 blade angle that I'm accustomed to?

Edit: looks like I was actually trying to compare the R1 to the DE89. Not the M1.
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I think that they are close, but I'd say the ATT M1 is just a bit more aggressive than the EJ DE89. Two of my favorites. The R1 is definitely more aggressive than the DE89. I switch razors way too often to be able to tell what angle works best for any one razor. I kind of just go by feel with the first few strokes and then stick with the angle that works for the rest of the shave. I pretty much forget by the time I get around to using that razor again.

I have yet to be able to find the proper words to describe how a razor shaves a face. The ATT M1 v EJ89 comparison is a good case in point. I have extensive experience with both razors. To let you know, I have a heavy beard but sensitive skin so my face is a great test bed for a razor. Here goes:

I get a much closer shave with less irritation with the M1 than with the EJ89. Because I get a much closer shave does that mean the M1 is more aggressive? If so, how do you account for the fact that there is so much less irritation since more aggressive usually means more epidermis is peeled away? Some people have started using the word "efficient" to describe a razor that is more "aggressive" but somehow more gentle. That is to say, it gets the work done without slicing and dicing the face. The M1 is way more "efficient" than the EJ89.

Whatever terms you choose to use, I have found the M1 to be a far superior razor to the EJ89.
Thank you mistercitizen and rodmonster. I think the M1 is the way to go. "Efficient" seems to be a good word to describe it. I like it. Now I just have to convince myself to buy the M1. I don't think it will be very hard :001_rolle
I appreciate this thread.

Out of all the questions that I have had about ATT, the comparison to the EJ 89 has been the main reason why I have not pulled the trigger yet.

I like the EJ89. It was my first modern razor and I have gotten many great shaves with it. But, it's too much money (for me) to spend on a stainless version.

Rodmonsters post was Very helpful.

Keep them coming....
On my face anyway, the M1 is a perfect for up to a 48 hour beard. At 48 hours my beard needs the R1 for an efficient shave. I have yet to try an H1. The beauty of the ATT system is that it has all of the advantages of an adjustable razor with none of the disadvantages. Of course, it costs more than any adjustable razor but so it goes......