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Arko August PIF.


I’m cutting it rather fine here to get into Arko August. I have some Arko Shaving Soap Sticks that I am happy to PIF to anyone in the Great Southern Land that is interested in using Arko for Arko August. I have one stick going out on Monday, anyone else in Australia or New Zealand that wants to give it a try either reply here or send me a PM. Our New Zealand comrades it might get to you after the start of August but that won’t matter too much.


In anticipation of Arko August I have grated 2 Arko Sticks into a plastic tub, dampened the shavings and pressed them into a puck. I still have 6 Sticks if anyone is interested.


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Not in, because I have some already, but I encourage anyone who hasn't tried it to get onboard. It's a great performer, and not easy to find locally.